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What Is Channeling

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Channeling Explained

Channeling is the process of receiving energy, usually expressed as information or inspiration, from realms beyond our physical reality.

We often think of channeling as a mystical gift, but everyone possesses this natural ability—any time you’ve had a “gut feeling”, or you “just knew” a particular person was about to phone you, or you had the same thought at the same time that a friend did—you experienced channeling.

Expert channels take this natural human ability to translate energy into words to a higher and deeper level—they connect with higher-wisdom beings to obtain useful information that helps us better understand ourselves, our daily lives, and the workings of the universe.

Divination (using stones, runes, Tarot cards, and the like) is a form of channeling, as is mediumship (communication with the energy associated with the souls of those no longer incarnate).

Artistic expression is often channeled: music, dance, writing, art, and scientific innovation can all arise from channeled sources. All the creative forms of expression lend themselves to connection to the greater wisdom that exists all around us.

How Channeling Is Incredibly Useful

Humans are accustomed to the way things operate within reality as we perceive it, which severely limits our understanding, problem solving, working through existential angst, knowing our Destiny, imagining options, and knowing what is most important.

When we add the “big picture” that higher beings and spiritual teachers inhabit, we more accurately see important things in our lives: our life path, life purpose, agreements with others, relationship issues, energetic matters, physical challenges and dis-eases, and Destiny.

Channeled information guides us to make better life choices, which results in a life that flows in closer alignment with our Destiny and True Self.

Higher-wisdom entities want us to grow and evolve. They themselves continue to learn, grow, and evolve as they offer their perspective to aid us to evolve into better individuals, and humanity to evolve into a better species.

Misconceptions About Channeling

Movies and TV shows often dramatize and distort channelling and the relationships between channels and higher-wisdom beings. This detracts from the good work that channels do, by sensationalizing and misrepresenting an ancient and sacred practice. Below are common misconceptions about channeling.

Channels Are Just A “Vessel” Through Which The Entity Pours Its Information

Movies and TV shows often depict channels as handy empty shells through which the entity pours its information to the recipient. FALSE. Any conscious and aware channel is anything but a passive throughway for channeled information—in fact, it is essential for a channel to have accumulated wisdom and knowledge to accurately retrieve and translate clear information from the channeled entity.

Channels Must “Leave Their Body” During Channeling

Media often depicts the channel’s body as being “taken over” by the channeled entity, leaving the channel exhausted and even confused afterward, such as with Whoopi Goldberg’s character in the movie “Ghost”. FALSE. Most channels remain conscious and aware during channeling.

Channels Moan And Gyrate In Circles When Connecting With The Entity They Channel

Again, the movie “Ghost” depicted a dramatic version of what actual channeling looks like, as does the channel J.Z. Knight, who speaks in an exaggerated, deep booming voice when she channels an entity known as Ramtha. FALSE. Most channels use a relatively normal speaking voice when channeling.

Channels Must “Get Their Mind Out Of The Way” For Clear And Undistorted Information To Come Through

NOT EXACTLY. A good channel is committed to personal growth and will have completed personal evolution work that allows them to relinquish fear, resistance, and judgment. This gives the channel clarity of mind and the ability to recognize and set aside their personal biases and beliefs when channeling.

A Very Short History of Channeling

Channeling is an ancient practice that has figured importantly throughout history in many forms. As long as we have been on the Earth, we humans have found ways to connect with inner guidance and higher guidance. Egyptians developed communication with the gods as a highly developed art. Greeks used Oracles to divine answers for life’s questions. Shamans of many cultures skillfully channeled various spirits and magical beings.

Channeling as we know it today arose from the 19th century Spiritualist movement, popularized by material from teaching entities like Abraham, Michael, Kryon, and Bashar, whose wisdom offers valuable perspectives on human life and how to live it.

What A Channeling Session Is Like With Solara & Me

Private sessions with Solara and me feel like spending time with a warm and trusted friend who knows you better than anyone else on the planet. These sessions are so much more than question-and-answer periods—they transform you. You’ll get what you need to make better, more aligned life choices, understand your relationships on a deeper level, and develop your psychic abilities.

Think of your session as a strong and unique partnership between you, me, and Solara. It’s a lot like a triangle, with every side being equal to every other. You are an essential part of your transformation process! You engage in the process during your session by sharing your experience and desires and by asking questions.

Solara and I see into your heart and soul during your session without judgment, because we know you are human with your struggles, patterns, fears, and hopes.

Solara and I bring insight, perspective, and immense energy into your life  wherever you wish to direct it. Our sessions help you to know your essence, your core Self.

Solara sees the utter beauty in Who You Are. This means that they will never tell you what you should do!  Instead, Solara offers you information from which you can make your own informed choices. Solara is completely focused on empowering you and helping you reconnect with your own inner wisdom—the wisdom you have always had.

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