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About Talyaa

Talyaa Liera, inhabiting an archetypal role of ORACLE

ORACLE, is a seer of futures, possibilities, trajectories & energies — a visionary, an intermediary between the divine world and the earthly world. Dwelling in the space between spirit and Earth, the ORACLE honors the consciousness within all things as well as the beauty within all of creation.

I feel blessed and honored to serve individuals and humanity with the gifts and abilities I have developed over my lifetime.

I am a channel from an ancient lineage of Oracles.

As an Oracle of Destiny it is my role to remind humanity what has been forgotten, but not lost: we each have a destiny — the important job that we are meant to do — your blueprint of what you are meant to do and how you are meant to impact the world.

I was born into my mother’s long-lost lineage of Oracles. I accessed part of this lineage for many years as a channel, energy healer, and shamanic practitioner. Then, through a near-death experience I had at the end of my 6-year battle against two terminal cancers, I received an enormous energy upgrade. My final initiation into my Oracle lineage was complete.

As an Oracle of Destiny it is my role to project the vision of humanity’s evolutionary future out into the world. As more and more people connect with this way of seeing the world, humanity will be able to connect with its probable evolutionary future. 

We humans were born to be a noble people. It is our destiny to travel among the stars and to share wisdom with other species. Until we fulfill our potential as a noble people, we will be unable to interact with space-faring species through the lens of love and compassion.

I am an Oracle, channel, artist, mother, believer in soulmates and love, and death-defier. My husband, my eternal soulmate the Magi Dave Donatiu, devoted six years of his life energy to save me from dying. It is my role to join those who are here to ensure that humanity does not die and instead fulfill its potential as the noble people we were born to become.

As ORACLE I remind humanity what has been forgotten, but not lost: we each have a destiny — your blueprint of what you are meant to do. Once you know your destiny, everything changes … you know why you are alive!


I am an ORACLE, channel, artist, mother, priestess, believer in soulmates and love, and death-defier. I travel through time and see the Destiny of humanity—an exciting yet terrifying responsibility. Along with my beloved soulmate Dave Donatiu, my Destiny is to support you to uncover your personal destiny so together we can create a better world.

My Path That Led Me Here

First Spiritual Awakening

When I was 17 my dad introduced me to spiritual concepts like reincarnation and soul choices, with books that included Dick Sutphen’s Past Lives, Future Loves, Raymond Moody’s Life After Life, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Messages From Michael. The books opened my eyes and mind to what I had already known deep down—that we humans are powerful creators of our experience, and that every action we take has meaning to the Universe.

From Seeker To Spiritual Teacher & Channel

20 years after my spiritual awakening, after living as humanly as possible while learning from my experiences, I went on a rampage of spiritual learning—what I call the “sponge stage” of spiritual growth. I read dozens of books, combed the Internet, became a Reiki Master, and studied Celtic Shamanism in a year-long apprenticeship. My shamanism practice opened my ability to channel. I began channeling the Michael Entity in 1999 (and later Polaris in 2007), serving hundreds of clients from all over the world. My near-death experience in 2015 expanded my channeling abilities extensively, and I now channel Solara, a collection of high-wisdom entities and spirit collectives.

Mother & Writer In The Media

I am an engaged and unconventional mother to my four children, and I wrote publicly about my experiences and perspective as a “natural parenting” mom. Professional writing credits include Literary Mama, Babble, Work It, Mom! and Imperfect Parent. I self-published the book Magical Goddess: A 28-Day Journey to Invoke Your Inner Wild Goddess and Reclaim a Juicy Life in 2014 (part of The Magical Goddess Journey). I appeared on 20/20 in 2014, to speak about my experience as a non-custodial mother.

Mother of Humanity

I embody the archetype of Mother of Humanity. As such, I care deeply about humanity and our collective future. I believe that together we humans will help one another grow, evolve, and become the brilliant species that we are destined to be.

Artist For The Divine Feminine

I paint the essence and archetype of Woman—the beauty, the love and the power. I use my Oracle nature and shamanic tools to see into the feminine soul—her inner goddess—and bring it to life with paint onto canvas. My paintings adorn walls in homes from California to Maryland.

Gift of The Oracle

As an ORACLE and channel, I see people’s pasts and futures. I feel Earth’s creation, and I feel and see its future and the future of all its inhabitants. I stand still yet travel in time back to Earth’s beginnings and far into the future.

Living With Death

I endured two terminal cancers. In 2012 doctors told me I had months to live, which I never believed. Stage 4 metastatic melanoma devastated our lives. However, with over 80,000+ freshly juiced 8 ounce jars, 5,000+ coffee enemas, self administered injections and IV’s, hundreds of different kinds of supplements, herbs and treatments, off label use of pharma, tantra healings, and intense therapy with Paradox Cure, I survived.

Then in 2015 doctors found tumors in my spine and said I had weeks to live—I didn’t believe the doctors that time either. Today I am cancer-free, thanks to thousands of grueling and traumatic hours of hard work, more than 180,000 pills, the love and donations of countless friends and community, and the stunning complete devotion and brilliance of my husband.

The Oracle’s Path

My entire life led me here to this moment, just as your entire life led you here and now. We all walk the Oracle’s Path, a mystical path of a lifetime that guides us ever closer to our Destiny. I knew the moment I picked up the book my dad gave me when I was 17, Messages From Michael that I was meant to one day serve people from around the world to live better lives. My path took many winding turns—into the Army, motherhood, property management, marriages and divorces, and finally to claim my birthright as a voice for humanity.

The World Is Waiting For You

I stand here in this lifetime as an ORACLE, channel, mother, priestess, soulmate, lover and death-defier—called and ready to serve you and humanity to know your brilliant Destiny. Embedded within you are the seeds of brilliance, and I can help you see just how brightly you are meant to shine. I am here to serve you to uncover your Destiny and brilliance!

The world is waiting for you.

My Relevant Life Experiences, Training & Mentoring

Wisdom Traditions


  • One-year apprenticeship in the Celtic Tuatha Dé Dannan tradition, with Alexandra and Jamie Murphy (Sandra Ingerman lineage through Geo Cameron)
  • Created, produced, and facilitated two shamanic workshops in Tucson AZ
  • Participated in numerous drumming circles
  • Taught shamanic practices to clients
  • Incorporated shamanic elements in Soul Connections Healing™ energy healing modality I created

TANTRA — Certified Tantra Educator  (C.T.E. through Source Tantra)

  • ISTA Level 1 & Level 2 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training by Baba Dez & ISTA facilitators (14 days)
  • Level 1 & Level 2 Tantra Teacher Training (Certified as a Tantra Educator) (22 days)
  • Assisted at Source Tantra Beginner Weekend Workshop
  • Attended PolyPalooza by KamalaDevi (4 days)
  • Participated in multiple pujas


  • Vipassana Retreat, 10 days
  • Insight Meditation, attended weekly (Vancouver BC)
Healing Modalities Practiced, Learned and/or Explored
  • Developed, taught, and attuned others to Soul Connections Healing™, an energy healing modality
  • Channeling (professional channel since 1999)
  • Reiki (Reiki Master, 1999)
  • Tantric & Yogic Chakra Activations through breath, sound, sacred spot healings
  • Past life regression
  • Pendulum
  • Divination
  • Scrying
  • Psychic surgery
  • EFT
  • Guided imagery
  • Essential oil therapy
  • Flower essences
  • MAP—Medical Assistance Program
  • Homeopathy
  • Magnified Healing
  • Pranic Healing
  • Rebirthing
  • Herbology
  • Crystal and gemstone therapy
  • Chakra healing
  • Color therapy
  • Hellerwork
  • Acupuncture
  • The Reconnection
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Feng Shui
  • Access Consciousness Bars
  • Five Tibetan Rites
  • Integrated Energy Therapy

Change Modalities Practiced, Learned and/or Explored
  • The Paradox Cure
  • The Sedona Method
  • The Work (Byron Katie)
  • Avatar
  • Quantum Jumping
  • Dialoguing
  • Aspecting
  • Active Imagination
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Time Line Therapy

Media, Women’s Issues, and Motherhood


  • TV Appearance — ABC 20/20, “With Parents Like These”, on non-custodial motherhood


  • Woman’s wisdom circle — founded, created and led for one year
  • Sacred Sisterhood Power Pod — created and facilitated beta version of women’s mastermind and accountability group
  • Article republished in two editions of Women’s Realities, Women’s Choices, a women’s studies textbook (“Public Says Children Better Off When Unhappy Parents Divorce, and Single Moms Suck”)


  • Wrote and published 1000+ articles on parenting
  • Columnist — unconventional motherhood (Literary Mama, Imperfect Parent, Work It, Mom!)
  • Read dozens of books on parenting (You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, Raising Your Spirited Child, Seven Times the Sun, To a Different Drumbeat, Waldorf Parenting Handbook, Teaching as a Lively Art, Lifeways, Waldorf Education, etc)
  • Regularly drove long distances to procure raw milk, grass-fed meat, and organic produce
  • Wrote stories and a children’s adventure novel to read to my four children
  • Knitted toys and sewed dolls for my children
  • Committed to years of “natural” parenting way of life—co-sleeping, babywearing, organic homemade foods

Professional Training, Writing and Editing


  • Certified Property Manager (CPM) training through Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
  • Member of IREM 5 years, attended monthly meetings
  • Toastmasters — one year


  • SUPER ECO — Senior Editor
  • LITERARY MAMA — columnist
  • BABBLE — staff writer
  • WORK IT, MOM! — columnist
  • IMPERFECT PARENT — columnist
  • CAUSECAST — staff writer
  • HUFFINGTON POST — writer



  • Self taught
  • Created over three dozen acrylic goddess portraits, watercolors, and pastels


  • Created and produced multiple channeled audio guided meditations


  • Played piano and flute
  • Sang in competitive madrigal choirs
  • Sang in select Seattle women’s choir
  • Sang in Threshold Choir (to the dying and seriously ill)
  • Won award for best vocal ensemble in city-wide Solo & Ensemble Festival


  • Studied acting
  • Acted in many plays and musicals including several lead roles

Movement and Military Training


  • Resistance training
  • Martial Arts—Oom Yung Doe (3 years)
  • Tai Chi (1 year)
  • Qi Gong
  • Yoga—Core Power Yoga and Hatha
  • Chi Running
  • Cycling
  • Horseback riding


  • US Army National Guard basic training
  • USANG advanced training as medic

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

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