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Resources to transform yourself, change your life and make our world better — Books, Workbooks, Gatherings, Workshops, Trainings, & Videos. These are our offerings that serve all of you to uncover and live your DESTINY. Take The Destiny QuizBlessing Guide

I Am Talyaa, An ORACLE. I Channel Solara, A Compassionate High-Wisdom Spirit Teacher.

Harness The Power That Drives Healing, Growth & Transformation To Transform You & Your World With Unparalleled Speed!

Learn Who You Are, How You Look At The World, How Others See You, And Your Soul’s Underlying Challenges.

Unleash Your Wild, Sexy & Powerful YOU in 28 Days. Revel In Your Sacred Feminine Power.

Deep Healing.  Big Life Change.  Get Unstuck.  Rebalance.  Feel More Alive.

Your Blueprint Of Why You Are Here, How You Belong, What You Are Meant To Do.  Know WHY You Are Alive!

A Personal Roadmap For A Year That Uncovers Your Upcoming Challenges And Triumphs!

Come Home To Yourself.  Feel Completely On Course, Aligned With Your Destiny.  Break Through To Live Powerfully!

Engage Your Destiny.  Illuminate Your Truth.  Receive Support From Your Champion, Your Anam Cara to Remember Your Magnificence!

NOTE: Only offered as part of the Destiny Breakthrough Experience

Derived from Your Inner Essence — Channeled Sacred Feminine Portraits that Reflect Your Soul

Essence of Beautiful Feminine Energy. Infused With Magical Unseen Forces. Women As Dream Beings, In Bright Saturated Colors that Convey The Vast Spectrum of Femininity.

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

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Help Dave & Talyaa Overcome Life-Threatening Health Conditions

Please HELP!

WE DID WHAT DOCTORS SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE – Talyaa survived 2 terminal cancers (end stage 4c) at a devastating cost. We spent ALL our time (3 full time jobs worth) over 6 years & gave up everything – community, friends, dreams, going out – except to over 850+ healthcare appointments.

OUR HEALTH IS IN RUINS – We both suffer debilitating health & permanent damage to our brains & body. Dave denied himself help in order to save Talyaa, while enduring painful disabling late-stage Lyme & Bartonella disease, heavy metal poisoning & arteriosclerosis. Talyaa is permanently disabled due to cancer treatments.

WE HAVE LITTLE MONEY – We have mostly existed on donations & government aid, & still do! We desperately need financial help so Dave can beat his 8+ infections/ diseases & heal his trauma & body damage from 6 years of massive stress knowing he could find his wife dead any morning & being fully responsible for her life as he researched & chose all treatment protocols. Dave’s devotion to save his beloved damaged his arteries, brain & GI tract & drove him to the brink of a heart attack.

PLEASE DONATE, OR BUY one of our services – we need help!