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The Magical Goddess Journey

Unleash Your Wild, Sexy & Powerful YOU in 28 Days. Discover Deeper Personal Truths. Revel In Your Sacred Feminine Power. Take The Destiny QuizBlessing Guide

Unleash Your Wild, Sexy & Powerful YOU in 28 Days. Revel In Your Sacred Feminine Power.

The Magical Goddess Journey — Book & Companion Guide

❖ Part 1 — The Magical Goddess Book (138 pages) — I Share My Raw Authentic Journey That Unleashed My Power As A Woman

In The Magical Goddess Book I share the journey that began as my quest to unlock the Wild Goddess inside me, and quickly grew to a journey that unfolds in every woman — how to be free, powerful, and completely and unabashedly womanly.

The Magical Goddess Book is an invitation to uncover the Wild Goddess that waits inside you to be unleashed, a journey that I hope every woman travels.

❖  Part 2 — The Magical Goddess Companion Guide (94 pages) — A 28 Day Guide To Explore What It Is To Be A Woman

My true story is more than an inspirational journey — I also include The Magical Goddess Companion Guide. You’ll get new prompts, questions, and exercises each day for 28 days. It’s as if I am walking beside you, guiding you all the way. You get to explore what it is to be a woman as I did, a deep-dive inquiry. As you explore, you will uncover and revel in your sacred feminine inner power.

Write your explorations in this guided printable journal. As you explore your Woman Self, this becomes YOUR journal, YOUR adventure into your wild side, and YOUR new story that YOU get to live.

❖  Discover Your Deeper Truths To Reveal A Wild Luscious Confident Woman

We women must claim our power in order to live our Destiny. Unfortunately, modern culture has few strong positive models of femininity. I offer my journey as a guide and exploration to invoke your Wild Goddess and reclaim a juicy life.

On your journey you’ll discover deeper truths about yourself to reveal the wild, luscious, and confident woman you know is waiting inside you. Creating this journey changed my life forever — I invite you to change yours, too.

Your Gifts, Hunger For The Journey & A Quest For Deep Inner Truth

What Gifts Await You From The Magical Goddess Journey

  • Your personal spirit animal totem — your main animal protector and ally
  • Compassion for yourself and your life’s journey
  • A new way to think about food
  • Whose rules you live by (so you can make different choices)
  • Which beliefs shape your life
  • Your deep-down relationship to sex
  • What you’re angry about
  • Your biggest fears
  • Whose voices (not yours) that come out of your mouth
  • The parts of your body that you adore
  • The ways you take responsibility for others
  • Your body’s hidden messages
  • Unlock the Wild Goddess hidden inside you

A Quest For Deep Inner Truth…

In the spring of 2012 I went on a quest to find the wild, powerful woman inside me that I hoped was there. I wanted more in life. I wanted the spark, the inner beauty and assuredness that comes with fully embracing the beauty of Who I Am. I wrote articles about being a Wild Goddess but didn’t yet believe I was one.

So I embarked on a journey of discovery — 28 days to dive deep into the world of the feminine, 28 days to discover my inner Wild Goddess.

I opened my heart and found an evolving being — sometimes messy and unpredictable, sometimes wise and knowing. I found deep hard truths. I found exquisite beauty. I found ways to love the woman I am. I found a road to my True Voice, the voice of the sacred feminine. I found the voice of Destiny.

As each day dawned, a new topic arose and I wrote about it. I published a series of intimate, open-hearted blog posts. This book is a compilation of those posts, revised, along with never-before published material and daily deep-dive inquiries and practices to spark your personal journey to find the Wild Goddess who dwells within you.

The Magical Goddess Journey becomes your Quest for deep inner truth!

How You Know You Are Hungry For This Journey

  • You’re tired of trying to be who you are not
  • You want change — great, big lasting change — and you want it NOW
  • You know deep down you’re wild at heart
  • Along the way you turned in your Wildness Card to fit in, to get along, because you saw no other way
  • Your life feels empty
  • You long to feel wild, sensual, and free
  • You’re in a lifelong struggle to love your body
  • You just know you’re a Wild Goddess but you don’t yet know how to BE one

Excerpts From — Magical Goddess Book

“Sex isn’t something I love to do.”

The look on his face told me everything I needed to know. Most people love sex. I do not. I mean, I like it and all. I just don’t capital-L Love it. Wow, that sucks. Sex for me brings up emotions. Sometimes it physically hurts because of tension from the emotions I have held inside me for so long. Some really bad things have happened to me in my life around sex. I have wounds. So do a lot of women. Maybe you are one of them. Here I am, finally with my soulmate, and I do not enjoy sex the way I think I should. That needs to change.

It’s not like I don’t have desire. Four and a half seconds of kissing my beloved (yes, I have timed it) sends a little ZING down to the sex fairies who live in my labia and wakes them up. But actual sex? The kind where a part of his body is inside a part of mine? Doesn’t work so well for me.

I have a big pile of self judgment about this. I think I should have far more pleasure. I think I should be having far more orgasms. I think I should be ripping Kahuna’s clothes off far more often.

It’s not like I don’t feel sexy. Thanks to martial arts and a mindful diet, I feel pretty sexy in my body most of the time. I know I look good and I am doing all that I can to look better. I feel pretty awesome that way.

But there is something missing for me. Pieces that need love and healing. This month I have decided to ferret them out and love the hell out of them, because I want my man. I want my sexy back.

FOA. Fear of Abandonment

FOA reared its ugly head today. One minute Soulmate was telling me how much he loves being with me nearly 24/7 (we DO spend an awful lot of our time together, and it is awesome – I’ve never before wanted to be with someone so much) and the next minute there was a huge SCREEE! and he’s talking about going out nights to dance tango (read: dance tango with Not Me), and I’m suddenly feeling like I can’t breathe, my chest is tight and the room goes almost dark and the Greek chorus in my head is saying OMG OMG OMG he doesn’t want meeeeeeee. 

And now we are at a Seattle coffeehouse: cliché indie singer-songwriter music softly hissing from overhead speakers, the heady scent of roasting coffee beans in the air, Soulmate and me sitting on orange velvet chairs with our MacBook Pros balanced on our laps. This man is WITH me, FOA is all in my head, and still I must process the OMG he doesn’t want meeeeee that came up earlier.

No matter how awesome and amazing and wonderlicious your relationship is, one day either they will leave you or you will leave them. That is a fact of life. Even if it’s a death-do-you-part thing. Someone is going to Leave and someone is going to be Left. I’m sorry.

The Girl Forgot That She Was A Wild Goddess

Because of this, she did not know how to eat. Because she did not know how to eat, she listened to different messages from many places, all which told her ways to do what she had forgotten she knew.

The messages were wrong. The girl did not know this. She believed the messages she heard. The girl listened to the messages that told her what to do.

Some of the messages that the girl heard were directed at her. Clean your plate … Starving children in China would be happy to have what you’re having … Eat your mother’s cooking … Eat your vegetables before you eat your bread … No dessert for you! … You have been misbehaving – leave the table. 

Some of the messages came from the girl’s mother, about her own pain. Am I fat? … I still weigh 120 pounds – that’s all I weighed when I got married … I only gained ten pounds when I was pregnant with you … Ugh, I need to go running … Your uncle called me ‘piano legs’ when I was little … Here, you’ll want a padded bra, you have a small chest like mine. 

Some of the messages came from the girl’s own head. I see myself in the glass window – my stomach looks fat! I’d better suck it in and hold my breath. There, that looks better … I am not thin enough … I should be a size zero like my friends. 

The messages came faster and more frequent as the girl got older. Soon she barely ate anything. The less she ate, the better she felt. She felt lighter. She did not have to be in her body anymore, her body that was wrong, wrong, wrong.

She thought she was free.

Excerpt From — Magical Goddess Companion Guide

Day Three: Touch Your Boundaries

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”

—Brene Brown

Types of Boundaries

Physical boundaries pertain to our physical space and what we will or will not allow.  They include social rituals such as handshakes and hugs, as well as our feelings about nudity, loud noises like music, and locked doors.

Material boundaries determine how we treat our material possessions — do we lend or give our books, car, money, or clothes?

Sexual boundaries protect our level of comfort with sexual touch, sexual activity, and even conversation of a sexual nature. With whom do we feel comfortable giving or receiving sexual energy?

Mental boundaries are about our thoughts and beliefs. Are we suggestible or do we have a strong sense of what we believe to be true when we engage in discourse? Can we listen with an open mind to someone else’s beliefs and thoughts that conflict with ours?

Emotional boundaries help us keep our emotions our own responsibility, without expecting someone else to take care of them for us. Conversely, they protect us from taking responsibility for someone else’s emotional well-being or problems. Healthy emotional boundaries protect us from accepting or assigning blame where it is not warranted, and  from taking others’ comments personally.

Explore Your Boundaries

Journal about a time when your boundaries were crossed.



What emotions came up for you? (anger, sadness, fear, joy)



How did you respond?



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