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Examples of Shamanic Energy Healing Session reports

Examples of Shamanic Energy Healing Session reports prepared for actual clients, shared with their permission Take The Destiny QuizBlessing Guide

Shamanic Energy Healing Session Report Example #1: 18 Year Old Woman — Student, Artist


Desired Results

  • clarity – how to move forward with life
  • wants to know purpose to life, or to be okay knowing there is not one
  • feels lost and stuck, wants some relief for that
  • help with release of soulmate energy (described in detail in call)
  • deep shame about self

Crown Chakra (7th Chakra)

Started at your crown. You receive a LOT of energy through here. This is celestial energy, divine energy, energy of Source. You are constantly bathed in this energy, and with the energy, information. You have a block (for now; this is reversible) to receiving this energy as information, as words. This can create headaches and eye issues. The energy wants to travel down to your throat and become spoken words.

Perhaps you have experienced this in the past when among certain people — suddenly you find yourself saying things that you did not know you knew, or that you never thought you would say but know that it is completely right.

Inside your crown chakra there is an entity-like thing. This is not malevolent. It is helpful. But it does not belong where it is. I must speak to it. It says that it is there to guide you and to protect you! I shall come back to it later. More will reveal itself as we journey along some more in this session.

Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra)

In your third eye are emotions. This is unusual, actually. I feel anguish here. It is from a past life experience. In that life you were a seer. You served a king. This was in Mesopotamia. You were a descendant of the Sumerians and from that you received your ability to see the future and to tell divine secrets. You served a king who was falling out of power. He made poor choices and the kingdom was about to be overrun by invaders.

You gave advice for him to hide himself in barrels of grain. He refused, saying it was beneath him, so he had your eyes put out in revenge and you were blinded. Your abilities increased after that, and your power increased to the extent that nearly nothing could harm you. The king did not take your advice and was beheaded by the invaders. Your power radiated so much that the invaders quickly realized your gifts and you were brought back with them to whence they came to serve as their seer.

You were given many gifts of money and fine things but you refused to use your abilities to help these people who burned down your town and killed your friends and family. You were able to use your abilities to sneakily make small harms come to people among the invaders. They eventually found out but they could not kill you because of your power. You left and lived the rest of your days among the stones and animals, having learned how to converse with all of them.

This lifetime is relevant now because your abilities are calling you and want to expand into the light. Further work can help you with that.

Throat Chakra (5th Chakra)

Need to do a shamanic extraction here. With the help of my power animals I shapeshifted and removed a snake-like creature from you. It had glowing eyes. Your animal Wolf came to be with you. I filled the space the snake-thing had occupied with white-light energy.

Your throat is powerful. It wants you to use it more, to speak and write. You will be able to do so more easily once we balance your crown chakra with your throat chakra. Will return at end of session for this.

Heart Chakra (4th Chakra)

Here is where [soulmate] still dwells, at least partially. Remnants, actually. Your heart appears to be large, blackened, open, and cup-shaped. This is from what has happened with [soulmate]. Doing healing here, sending this area lots of universal life energy and light. Implanting a blue-white crystal here as well, for healing. It will stay there as long is it is needed, likely for at least 21 days. The crystal has instructions to stay as long as it needs to, and to help close up the open part of your heart space when the crystal is no longer needed.

Power Chakra (3rd Chakra)

Many childhood memories are here! Interesting. Also, I see alternate memories, like of you riding a blue bicycle at about age 6-7. The memory-space extends outward from you indefinitely, which means that you are leaking personal-peer energy out to the entire world. Bringing the edges back into you so you can keep your energy for yourself instead of giving so much away. This should help you feel less tired. Also, it will help you feel YOU more, which is essential to feeling powerful and able to accomplish things, make choices, etc.

Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra)

Another past life memory dwells here, or is accessed here. In this lifetime, you were a temple priestess in Babylon (I guess you liked Mesopotamia!). You were a sexual healer, as were many temple priestesses, using tantra-like techniques to heal warriors and others in need of physical sensory nourishment.

You became the leader of the temple women but were usurped by a younger, highly ambitious woman, who used your open heart and kind demeanor against you. She betrayed you and sent to essentially to your death, making it appear that you had killed a general of the army when in fact is was she who stabbed him in the heart. You were put to death. No one vouched for you.

This relates to the present lifetime thusly: your sexuality got you killed in that lifetime, thus it makes you wary of totally owning your sexuality in the present lifetime.

Pulled that last life memory, the residue of it, from your chakra. Filled your chakra with golden light energy.

Root Chakra (1st Chakra)

This chakra is nearly closed/non-existent. This means it will be difficult to feel grounded and part of the world until we repair it and ground you again. Bringing in your guides to help. Besides Wolf, who is still here, there is a guide that looks simply like an unassuming youngish man (about age 28), brown hair, about 5’10”, hands in pockets. He says his name is Stellick or Stellack. He has been with you always, and in this life appeared to you as invisible, especially when you were very young. Your strong childhood connection to the real/fantasy horse you named KIng was also Stellick. Same energy. He will help us repair this chakra.

Together, then, we use our hands to fill this area with golden healing light and bring this chakra back on line. Crying, I sense crying now, as in you are crying. Part of you did not want to be here, does not want to be here, but now with your root chakra open again the tears flow because you remember how much you like it being in a body on Earth. It has not been easy for you for most of your life. Before you were born in this lifetime you had not been in a body for 2000 years.


Lifted you up to sway among the stars. You became enormous, as big as the stars themselves, just swaying gently, one star among many. Here we can balance all your chakras before we bring you back down to earth again. You feel at home among the stars.

Although most of this information did not directly address your desired results, I believe that you will receive the clarity you seek within a few days, and that emotionally you will feel immediately more balanced and open, less stuck, less clouded, and less shame.

Suggested Practices

  • Throat Chakra Wall Exercise
  • Root Chakra Awakening
  • Womb Warming
  • Letter to Your Inner Child

Shamanic Energy Healing Session Report Example #2: 50 Year Old Man — Psychotherapist



  • smooth and decrease over-activation of sympathetic nervous system
  • toxins in body, help do what is needed to move them out (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • moving towards “Davenport” with higher energy level and focus
  • move from a place of fear and feeling unsupported in the world to feeling secure, safe, and supported

Throat Chakra

Began connection in your throat chakra, as this is your point of outward connection to the world. You move energy-wise in the world (interact) via your oral communication with it, and because of this constant overuse your throat chakra is somewhat unbalanced.

Adding energy to spin the chakra and help remove unwanted “debris” from this area. Spinning now very fast, with debris flying off on all sides. This debris symbolizes communications that did not flow from your true energetic system and instead came from emotional woundings and other unbalanced energy sources within your energetic structure.

At some point in a future session we recommend doing an extraction here.

Heart Chakra

Moving downward in the energy flow to the heart.

NOTE: For you, when energy enters through your throat chakra it travels downward to your heart and then to your solar plexus chakra before moving up to your third eye and crown, then back down again through all your chakras ending up eventually in your base chakra. This is not the typical energy flow pattern. You developed this workaround in order to first help soften communicative energies that come into your system, and then to derive meaning from them before eventually allowing them to rest in your seat of security and connection to Earth. Unfortunately, these energies often get stuck in your heart before you can do anything else with them.

Therefore, we will investigate the heart. Your heart is an endless well, a deep bottomless repository for all you have ever experienced. Your heart is quite full as a result, not the “my heart is full” phrase people say when they feel satiated in a loving, heartfelt way. For you, it is a bottomless pit, one with no hope of ever filling, and yet it overflows. Conundrum alert!

One, your heart is filled with every experience you ever had. It iis too much for you to comfortably hold, and prevents you from adding more to it in a heartfelt way. It is as if your heart is tired and no longer wants any part of your life. Too much, your heart says. Too much. Take some away.

Two, your heart is a bottomless pit with no hope of ever filling. Your heart craves energy! It craves filling. It craves experiences that touch it. It can never get enough — there can never BE enough to satisfy your heart.

For the first, we must help ease the overflow by releasing unwanted energies stuck there. These are UNWANTED energies. You have the tendency to hold everything in there, and this is not necessary. This process will also help “rewire” your energy system so as to avoid this issue in the future.

Installing a filtered relief valve to slowly release unwanted energies. The filter keeps desired energy experiences in your heart, and the relief valve opens only as far as you allow it to. You want this to be a slow and gentle process. This should take three weeks to complete the majority (60%), and an additional three weeks to complete the rest.

Expected Results:

  • to feel less congested in your heart area (physically)
  • to better discern among presented energies as to which you want to keep in your heart and which you do not
  • to better feel your heart when you are focused there.

For the second, we install a crystal inside your heart chakra. This crystal generates a small electrical charge (you may actually feel this, but it is truly minor and very few people would be able to feel it.) This crystal acts to recalibrate your heart chakra to re-teach it what it is like to feel truly full and “heartfelt”. You already know and actually are quite skilled at this, but other energy flows that you’ve become accustomed to have overridden this knowledge and skill.

Expected results:

to spend more time feeling and acting from your heart.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Very activated, unbalanced. Sending calming energies here to help modulate and direct your very copies amount of energy flow ability here. You are a powerful man, yet you have not aligned with your sun in such a way that activates your energies here.

Here, an extraction is necessary. This will help with the modulation effort. Pulled a lot of slimy goo out of the upper portion of this chakra. Filled the area with universal life energy.

Third Eye Chakra

Helping re-activate this chakra so as to restore your far-vision, your “other sight”. Installing a large oval-shaped faceted purple-blue crystal here so as to help you remember who you are and how the world truly appears.

You have been seeing from your physical eyes rather than your “other” eyes, and spirit requests that you resume your abilities to see. You will likely notice shifts almost immediately, and your abilities will increase over time as you remain open to them.

Sacral Chakra

You store some hurts here of a sexual nature. Any time you felt rejected in a sexual relationship, you carried that hurt here and stored it away. Spirit says you no longer need this, as it is “crapping things up” for you — essentially, what you have stored here supersedes any new experiences, which arises as expected pain from certain situations. You developed patterns of expectation in relationships based on what is stored here, and you still cary with you some energetic expectations that new experiences will feel the same as the old ones.

So we release what is no longer needed. You have already processed these experiences and will not lose anything from their release. but you will gain the ability to see new experiences with fresh eyes and energetic openness. This release is a gentle, almost sensual process. After all, this is your sacral chakra!

The release feels like a dance, a swaying dance of letting go what does not serve. Slowly, like letting the air out of a balloon. A little at a time. You may experience an increase in memories of past sexual situations and relationships for the next few weeks as the release continues its gentle way.

Root Chakra

Here there are huge tendrils reaching down into the earth, yet they are unattached at the other end. Herein lies your energetic source of feeling unsafe and, especially, unsupported by the earth and by the world.

The more you consciously connect with Gaia and with nature in all its forms, the more supported you will feel. The more you consciously avail yourself of the communities you are a part of, however small a part and however small a community, the more you will feel connected to the world and a part of its workings.

You have cast yourself as an outsider when in fact you are destined to be the heart, the soul, the very linchpin the the center of a great wheel of people. The dissonance is very painful to you. You KNOW and you FEEL what you are meant to be and yet you also feel greatly the lack of your manifestation of it. This is perhaps your greatest pain.

To help heal this dynamic, in addition to the suggestions above, we heal what appears to be a badly battered chakra. Scars everywhere. Holes and tears. All are repaired with an infusion of deep red light, ruby colored and luminescent. Look for things in this color in your physical world to help remind you of who you are.

Overall Energy Structure

Casting a “net” of energy over your entire energy structure to help keep your energy integrity. This will increase your sense of safety in the world, as energy integrity helps you discern what is yours and what is not. This also acts to heal and seal your energetic structure.

Suggested Practices

  • Because of the work we have done together for some time, you are already engaged in several practices. I do not need to add any at this time, though remember the importance of your powerful guides and main power animal — they serve you well, and are needed in living your Destiny!

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