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ORACLE Soul Painting Commission

Derived From Your Inner Essence — Channeled Sacred Feminine Portraits That Reflect Your Soul Take The Destiny QuizBlessing Guide

Commission a Soul Painting from the ORACLE

Derived from Your Inner Essence — Channeled Sacred Feminine Portraits that Reflect Your Soul

“Eternal Golden Dreams”

Commissioned Soul Painting from the ORACLE

What a Commissioned Soul Painting Is

A Reminder of the True You

Imagine looking into the eyes of the True You, the deep inner You that you always sensed was there but could not quite reach. Imagine the power of reflection — a portrait that reflects back to you your inner power, beauty, and strength.

A Celebration of Life

Celebrating yourself is a powerful ritual, filled with hope for the future as well as honoring the past. Creating a one-of-a-kind painting is a lovely way to celebrate life’s passages.

A Symbol Of Power, Truth, And Sacred Femininity 

Envision a powerful symbol of YOU hanging on your wall, a painting that embodies your inner light and reflects it back to you. Commissioning art is a powerful process that brings your deepest imaginings to life.

A Special Thank You to A Friend, Client, or Colleague that Will be Remembered Forever

Commissioning a painting is a beautiful and impressive way to show your esteem for someone you care about. Imagine the significance of a painting that becomes a treasured family heirloom.


Your Soul Painting’s Genesis

Thank you Talyaa,

When I first saw my painting I felt a connection to that Being in the painting which I looked at, and it was “this is who I am — I am this beautiful soul with these beautiful eyes and this warmth”.

It felt so warm to me.  Sometimes I forget who I am and that’s why I like looking at the painting before I go to sleep. It’s a reminder of the soul that I really am.

My husband and I love it!

Carrie Heise

Team support for pharmaceutical drug trial repository, Commisioned a Soul Painting from the ORACLE

You Are Part of the Creative Process

My art is a magical and organic process — paintings often take on a life of their own, and you get to be a part of the process! Before any brush touches the canvas, we will discuss your color preferences and other desired elements.

My commissioned paintings are based on your energy signature plus your physical appearance derived from photos you send me, with the added magic of my ability to see your inner soul and bring it to life on canvas.

I Document the Genesis

✧  Musings and thoughts — Painting is an alchemical process for me, and I receive spiritual input from many sources while a painting is in process. I record parts of my thought process as I create your painting. This may be a dream snippet, song, favorite quote, or memory. I share my thoughts behind the magic of the piece and how your painting came to be created via a short written note that you receive with your finished painting.

✧  Progress photos — I take photos of the painting in various stages. See layers and details added while your painting is in its birthing process.

✧  A Certificate of Authenticity — I give you a certificate that verifies your painting’s value and origin, which is an important document for your collection of original artwork.

Soul Painting’s Logistics

How Long Do Commissioned Paintings Take?

Commissioned work takes 2 weeks to complete after receipt of deposit and design particulars (from a conversation where we discuss design desires).

Pricing and Payment Process

$1777 for a 24” x 30” acrylic one-of-a-kind commissioned painting on gallery-wrapped premium canvas with a 1.5” deep edge. You can hang the painting without a frame. Price does not include shipping and insurance. All art is professionally packed, shipped and insured to protect your investment. We ship worldwide.

NOTE: California residents pay sales tax on $1,111 (the price of 24″ x 30″ acrylic paintings without my Soul Painting service)

Reserve Your Commission

All commissioned work requires a $1,000 down payment as a deposit to reserve. The balance, including shipping and insurance costs, is due when the piece is completed and prior to shipping.  Contact us to begin the exciting process of creating your commissioned art.

About The Artist — Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera — Artist of the Divine Feminine

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."  — Edgar Degas

I Live in the Sun

I am a California native, currently living amid sunshine and palm trees in the San Diego area with my amazing beloved husband and soulmate Dave Donatiu.

Early Art

My passion for art began early. At age 9 it resulted in scores of drawings of horses and evening gown-wearing women fashioned in pink and purple felt tip pen. At 10 I spent countless hours painting fairy tale scenes in acrylic paint, but my excitement for art was squashed by my parents’ unwittingly unkind comments. I grew afraid to create, afraid to show my passion. But the yearning to make art still dwelled within me.

The Passion Builds

A mother from an early age, I tried unsuccessfully for years to push away my longing to make art. Eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore! One New Year's Eve I bought a Bob Ross painting kit and eagerly painted my first landscape, complete with “happy little clouds”.

Later I channeled my desire to create into knitting toys and dolls for my children and cooking gourmet meals for my family. I thrummed with excitement when I signed up for an oil painting class — I even bought all the materials! — and was crestfallen when the class was cancelled before I could dip a brush into paint.

Jumping Into the Fire of Creation

Finally, in my 40’s, I mustered the courage to make art that made my heart sing. I started with pastels, and after making the leap to my first portrait I created custom spiritual sacred symbols for clients and friends. I bought acrylic paints and an easel and played. I bought watercolors and brushes and played some more.

Before long, my paintings consumed my thoughts. They took on a life of their own and became an expression of the sacred feminine. Now I bring Oracle awareness and my ability to see people’s souls, their deepest inner selves, into my painting.

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

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