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Intuitive Destiny Coaching With The ORACLE

Engage Your Destiny. Illuminate Your Truth. Receive Support From Your Champion, Your Anam Cara (soul friend) to Remember Your Magnificence! Take The Destiny QuizBlessing Guide

Engage Your Destiny.  Illuminate Your Truth.  Receive Support from Your Champion, Your Anam Cara to Remember Your Magnificence!

Intuitive Destiny Coaching with the ORACLE Overview

NOTE: Only Available with The Destiny Breakthrough Experience


I serve you to engage with and live your Destiny. I present you with the ORACLE vision of how your choices and life actions align with or detract from your personal destiny. You learn how to make better life choices with greater ease as you align more with your Destiny.  You feel how much more you belong in the world and the importance of the role you play in Humanity’s Destiny.


When our life is aligned in body, mind, and spirit, living our destiny becomes almost effortless. Intuitive Destiny Coaching approaches change in three main areas: BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

BODY — Honor, Accept and Juice Up Your Corporeal Temple

MIND — Expand Your Wisdom, Discernment and Perception

SPIRIT — Deepen Your Awareness, Intuition and Magic of Life


I walk with you as your guide, your champion, and your anam cara — your soul friend. I see the True You, even if you have forgotten who that is. Together we seek your personal truth and illuminate it.

NOTE: Only Available with The Destiny Breakthrough Experience

Your Explorations & Experiences In Our Time Together are Sacred & Magical!

What You May Experience and Explore With Intuitive Destiny Coaching

  • deep self-inquiry
  • identify and speak your desires and wants
  • see yourself honestly and compassionately
  • expand into your creative self
  • connect to, listen to, and honor your body
  • look at the world and people in your life with fresh eyes
  • release old limiting stories of your life
  • make choices that better support your growth
  • reframe your life
  • offer up your old patterns as sacred
  • honor your sensual self
  • remember your courage
  • hear the song of your heart
  • follow the call of your soul

Life Experience, Skills, Wisdom & Knowledge I Offer

I’ve been around the block.  I’m 54 and counting.  I’ve been through 2 terminal cancers. Mothered 4 children. Had 5 husbands (though my current and last one in this life is my eternal soulmate). Channeled Michael and Polaris for 18 years.  Had a near death experience.  Traveled the world.  Met gurus and spent time with shamans. Reconnected with my ORACLE lineage.

I’ve learned skills, gained some wisdom, got knowledge.  I weave all this into our time together, where your explorations and experiences become magical. You have a Destiny — let me support you to live it NOW!


  • Compassionate listening/witnessing
  • 18+ years’ experience as a channel for higher consciousness
  • Connect to global collective consciousness
  • Access as ORACLE to multiple potential outcomes to a given situation
  • Intuitive guidance and future visioning
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills for relationships
  • Tantric and Breath practices
  • Metaphors, archetypes, and creative imagery
  • Interpret signs and omens
  • Guided imagery/meditations
  • Transpersonal tools, shamanic practices
  • Dialoguing
  • Mother of 4, including a child with Down Syndrome
  • Waldorf and attachment parenting
  • 5 years of intensive navigation of the medical system
  • Functional medicine fundamentals
  • Cancer medical/alternative approach fundamentals
  • Energy movement practices (chi gung, feng shui, channeled practices)
  • Soul Connections™ Energy Healing

Intuitive Destiny Coaching Works Great When You Want…

  • advanced perspective on the meaning of your life
  • to know how your life choices may align with your Destiny
  • better and more connected relationships
  • to feel connected to collective consciousness
  • to know the spiritual dynamics of your relationships
  • to know that there is more to life than you currently experience
  • painless life change
  • the magic of myth, fairy tales, and folktales
  • to know the power of your ancestors

“People who are engaged in fulfilling their destiny always appear enlivened, vital, engaged, and connected—to themselves, to others, and to the planet.”

“To accept the call of the soul is a daring undertaking. It requires the courage to face one’s magnificence and to surrender to a life greater than oneself.”


Details of What You Get in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, and Fun HomePlay

Details of What You Get in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT

BODY — Honor, Accept and Juice Up Your Corporeal Temple

 Explore Your Sensuality

 Learn To Love Your Body

 Reconnect With Your Zest For Life

 Reclaim Vibrant Health

MIND — Expand Your Wisdom, Discernment and Perception

 Develop Self-Understanding

 Cultivate Passionate Relationships

 Learn To Communicate Effectively And Powerfully

 Release Old Patterns And Outdated Beliefs

SPIRIT — Deepen Your Awareness, Intuition and Magic of Life

 Expand Intuition

 Get Intuitive Guidance

 Awareness And Understanding Of The Magic In Your Life

 Learn Energy Practices To Support Spiritual Growth

Thank you! I really want to express my gratitude and appreciation for what you do.

Our talk has meant so much to me and every session I’ve had with you has deeply impacted me. It’s these soul struggles that we or rather, I, have and it is something that is very hard to decipher in the learning process of life.

Having someone there to talk to, let alone understand these things on a profound level is incredibly therapeutic. You will always be a big part of my life development and it is something I could never forget.

Thank you for being you and for what you do.

Dijana Karanovich

Photographer and Nomad

HomePlay (homework)

OMG there is homework? Of course there is homework! How will you change your life without focused intention, and putting your realizations into your life? Homework, aka intentional practices, helps you:

Get clearer.  Go deeper.

Develop new habits.  Reframe your life


We’ll make it FUN. My homework isn’t drudgery like you had in school. The homework, or homePlay as I like to think of it, could be something simple like taking a walk. Or…


  • Breath of Fire
  • Throw a tantrum — the right way
  • Write a love letter to your future self
  • Converse with your ancient ancestors
  • Create a special altar
  • Go without eyesight for an hour
  • Talk to a rock, tree, or water
  • Paint your power symbol
  • Learn to feel the Earth spinning on its axis

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