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Divine Feminine Art from the ORACLE

My art is an expression of the essence of the beauty of feminine energy. It acts as a portal to the beginnings of time, when the Feminine was present to Earth’s creation. Take The Destiny QuizBlessing Guide

Divine Feminine Art from the ORACLE

Essence of Beautiful Feminine Energy. Infused with Magical Unseen Forces. Women as Dream Beings, In Bright, Saturated Colors That Convey the Vast Spectrum of Femininity.

"Come Closer"

Come Closer beckons the viewer into the painting, promising connection and sensuality. She radiates confidence and feminine power as she seductively turns to look over her shoulder. She knows what she wants, and she knows the effects of her sublime sensuality.

Completed July 2014

Artist Statement — Talyaa Liera (ORACLE)

My art acts as a portal to the beginnings of time, when the Feminine was present to Earth’s creation.

I paint women as dream beings, ephemera in physical form — archetypes of feminine wisdom, beauty, and power. I use my brushes and paint to express my deep love for the sacred feminine in all her myriad faces.

When I paint, I enter an altered state that allows me to bask in the colors and shapes of my art and regard them as alive. Painting is a magical experience for me. It allows me to live in a world of beauty beyond anything I’ve experienced on Earth.

As I paint, I infuse my art with an alchemical collaboration of 3 things:

A connection to the magical unseen and transcendental forces that surround us in our waking lives

Goddess mythology from many cultures and traditions

Modern depictions of feminine beauty

I use bright, saturated colors that convey the vast spectrum of feminine expression.  My art is colorful and fun, yet it brings the viewer into the ever-deeper inner realms where Love and Mystery reside.

As an ORACLE, I “SEE” each individual’s soul essence as energy, and I tap into their life Destiny. With I enjoy infusing my commissioned works of Soul Paintings with a woman’s Destiny and her Soul energy. Soul Paintings are derived from a woman’s inner essence — channeled sacred feminine portraits that reflect her soul.

"Atlantis Etherea"

Atlantis Etherea is a powerful, queen-like woman who is fully aware of her gifts as well as her vulnerable side. People say she resembles Katherine Hepburn — regal, sure of herself, independent, and strong-willed. Being from the lost civilization of Atlantis, she possesses great connection to Destiny and to to Nature. Atlantis Etherea evokes power, magic, and extraordinary calm.

Completed June 20, 2014

Original ORACLE Art Pricing

Original paintings are in acrylic on premium canvas with gallery wrapped frame. For residents of California, we must charge sales tax, and will add that amount to the shipping and insurance invoice.

Shipping and Insurance

We protect your investment by trustng our shipping and handling to an art reproduction company in San Diego, the same company that reproduces all of our art.  They professionally pack and ship your original or reproduction painting. Prices do not include shipping and insurance.

Click on the images for details on each piece. Contact us if you have questions.

ORACLE Art Reproductions Pricing

Reproductions are quality — giclée on high quality gallery-wrapped canvas, using professional digital capture of the original. These canvas reproductions last a lifetime, and the solid wood frames are very high quality so they do not warp.

ORACLE Art Gallery

About The Artist — Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera — Artist of the Divine Feminine

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."  — Edgar Degas

I Live in the Sun

I am a California native, currently living amid sunshine and palm trees in the San Diego area with my amazing beloved husband and soulmate Dave Donatiu.

Early Art

My passion for art began early. At age 9 it resulted in scores of drawings of horses and evening gown-wearing women fashioned in pink and purple felt tip pen. At 10 I spent countless hours painting fairy tale scenes in acrylic paint, but my excitement for art was squashed by my parents’ unwittingly unkind comments. I grew afraid to create, afraid to show my passion. But the yearning to make art still dwelled within me.

The Passion Builds

A mother from an early age, I tried unsuccessfully for years to push away my longing to make art. Eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore! One New Year's Eve I bought a Bob Ross painting kit and eagerly painted my first landscape, complete with “happy little clouds”.

Later I channeled my desire to create into knitting toys and dolls for my children and cooking gourmet meals for my family. I thrummed with excitement when I signed up for an oil painting class — I even bought all the materials! — and was crestfallen when the class was cancelled before I could dip a brush into paint.

Jumping Into the Fire of Creation

Finally, in my 40’s, I mustered the courage to make art that made my heart sing. I started with pastels, and after making the leap to my first portrait I created custom spiritual sacred symbols for clients and friends. I bought acrylic paints and an easel and played. I bought watercolors and brushes and played some more.

Before long, my paintings consumed my thoughts. They took on a life of their own and became an expression of the sacred feminine. Now I bring Oracle awareness and my ability to see people’s souls, their deepest inner selves, into my painting.

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

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