Channeling With Talyaa

I am Talyaa, an Oracle. I channel Solara, the name for a conglomeration of seven higher-wisdom entities and entity collectives.

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Channeling With Talyaa

Michael Portended “His” Arrival With Lights In The Night Sky

At 16, I saw a blimp-sized set of lights in the night sky spelling the words “MICHAEL IS COMING”. My friend, just a few minutes behind me on the same freeway, did not see the lights. Michael had sent “his” first message to me, portending his arrival.

When I was 17 my father gave me several books on reincarnation, including “Messages From Michael” about the Michael Teachings, a metaphysical philosophy with a practical, down-to-earth archetypal system of self-understanding given by Michael, a causal-plane teaching entity of 1050 ascended Earth souls. The channels in the book fascinated me — people who possessed amazing abilities to transmit information from incredibly wise and compassionate beings. I longed to channel one day.

19 years later, in 1999, after I completed a year-long apprenticeship in shamanism, Michael made “his” presence known to me again. He reminded me that I had contracted to channel in this life. Thus we began our work together, and in 2003 after years of preparation, I felt skilled enough to take on clients. I opened up my life to channel professionally.

I’ve made channeling a BIG part of my life, not just in my professional work. I frequently consult my guides, spirit animals, and various high-wisdom entities about issues of my daily life. My children see this as a normal part of the way people can live, and they have learned self-empowerment and intuitive skills they would not have if they had not been exposed to my channeling.

What a valuable gift to give children—the knowing that unseen allies can be called upon to positively guide, aid, and heal themselves and others.

Channeling With Talyaa Overview

I am Talyaa, an ORACLE. I channel Solara, the name for a conglomeration of seven higher-wisdom entities and entity collectives.

❖ Receive Perspective & Guidance

Receive deep perspectives and guidance you never knew possible in most realms of life including personal challenges, dreams, life choice-point consequences, personal growth, past lives, psychic abilities, health, business, relationships, and whatever interests you.

With a channeled perspective from Talyaa and Solara (see section below, “All About Solara”) you are able to make better choices, possess greater clarity, prepare more effectively for your particular life challenges and opportunities, and feel better about your life direction and who you are in the world.

❖ Glimpse Into Unseen Realms For Your Allies & Partnership

What would your life feel like if you knew which allies wait for you to ask for their help? Or what higher plane beings want to inform you of or guide you on your life’s journey? Or which spiritual helpers have known you all your life and helped guide you on your way unbeknownst to you?

❖ Effective & Unique Spiritual & Personal Practices

When you receive perspectives and guidance from Talyaa and Solara, along with transforming and supportive spiritual and personal practices, you get help on a level you cannot get any other way. You’ll receive powerful and fun assistance from a high-wisdom being, your partner in making your life better in ways you’ve imagined but didn’t know how to make possible.

My Channeling Evolution: Michael To Polaris To Solara


I helped lead the Michael Teachings community as a Michael channel and teacher for many years. I pioneered the chat room channeling concept and held monthly channeled chats, often channeling questions for 30+ people in one evening. I channeled Michael for hundreds of people around the world.


I channeled Michael exclusively until 2007 when my work expanded to channel Polaris, an entity of seven causal-plane entities including Michael. I was, as far as I know, the first and only channel to bring the messages of Polaris to Earth.

I popularized Polaris’ Monthly Messages, lengthy forecasts that gave detailed information about what to expect on the topics of: personal, relationship, community, global politics, earth changes, and global spiritual changes. I channeled Polaris for hundreds of people around the world.


I did what doctors said was impossible by surviving and beating TWO terminal cancers over five years, which significantly upgraded my vibration, awareness, and understanding. Staring death in the face for so long gave me a unique perspective shared by few people in the world. During that time of living so close to the in-between world, I connected to unseen realms and immersed myself in my inner work.

In 2015 I had a profound near-death experience in which I reclaimed my ORACLE lineage that goes back centuries. My lineage was violently extinguished by religious forces in the 1300’s, and has not been practiced until now through me. Reclaiming my ORACLE lineage expanded my channeling abilities significantly. I have only begun to realize the vast potential of my lineage.

Over time, components of Solara made themselves known to me. The most recent is my father, who died on his birthday in 2016, coming full circle after introducing channeling to my life when I was 17. I now combine Nature spirit energies, extraterrestrial energies, and a lineage of ancient shamans with collective human consciousness and seven high-wisdom causal-plane teaching entities to bring you the wisdom of Solara.

Your Channelling Session — Tips, Preparation, Boundaries & How To Ask Useful Questions

What A Channeling Session With Talyaa & Solara Offers

  • Clarity on almost any situation
  • Guidance on a level you never knew possible
  • Perspective from multiple higher-plane beings as well as nature spirits and extra terrestrial beings
  • Partnership with high-wisdom beings
  • Non-judgmental perspective on your life issues
  • Unconditional love and acceptance from multi-dimensional beings
  • A glimpse into the worlds of higher-plane beings
  • Effective & unique spiritual and personal practices
  • Homework tailored just for you
  • Information from beyond your usual frame of awareness

Get Perspective & Guidance With The Following

  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Your Dreams
  • Life Choices
  • Love Relationships
  • Family/Familial Relationships
  • Business Issues
  • Career Choices
  • Your Spiritual Path
  • Past Lives
  • Personal Growth
  • Pets
  • Where To Live (Geography)
  • Your Psychic Abilities
  • What You Need To Know About A Specific Situation
  • Your Health — See “What To Avoid Asking About” Below For A Caveat On Health Questions

How To Ask USEFUL Questions

Channeling is a partnership between you, me, and Solara. The more you put into your preparation, the more you receive. Prepare your questions and create a focus to your session in advance.

Be Detailed & Specificgive background information and names. When your questions are specific and detailed, you create a path for clearer and more useful answers.

Make YOU The Focus Of Your Questionsnot someone else. Solara and I can retrieve useful information about someone else in your life, but that person must give overt or energetic permission for the connection, or information retrieved is usually distorted and unreliable. Your session is for YOU, not for others. If someone in your life wishes to get substantial channeled information, they should arrange their own session.

Consciously Prepare Your QuestionsMeditate on, journal, or feel into the most helpful questions to ask prior to your session, or carry a notebook with you for a few days prior to your session and record your inspirations.

Prioritize — after you create your list of questions, put them in order of importance. Many questions merit extensive answers and we may not have time in your session to get to everything you wish to know, depending on the flow of the session. Rest assured, however, that you will leave your session feeling very filled and with much to process.

You may always simply ask about what you most need to know in that moment, and you will likely receive a very interesting and illuminating answer! Given the magical nature of these sessions, however, your answer may not make sense to you for some time.

What To Avoid Asking About

Solara can offer information on almost any topic, although because of the nature of channeling, some topics are limited by what I can access about the subject (for instance, because I am not a physicist my channeling about quantum mechanics may prove simplistic).

A channeling session is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, sound legal advice, or mental health treatment from a skilled professional.

You may use your session to obtain information about useful ways to proceed in situations where you’ve already received the advice of a doctor, lawyer, or other traditional consultant.

Although I am skilled at retrieving information about future possibilities, and offer Oracle transmissions on subjects such as the Future of Humanity, I discourage you from asking pointed questions about your future such as: “when will I die” or “when will I find my soulmate”.

The future is a product of many possibilities, and while I can help you better understand the likely potentials available to you from this moment, I cannot accurately predict absolute future events. In addition, it is unproductive to dwell upon wishing to know the exact time when a potential future event may occur.

It is much more productive to instead work to better understand yourself, your motivations, and your ability to empower yourself to make life choices increasingly aligned with your soul’s purpose and Destiny.

Option To Have Your Session Via Email Or Phone

You may receive your channeling via email or phone. Email is a good option if you think you may be too overwhelmed by strong energies, have hearing challenges, if your conversational English is not as strong as your written English, if you would prefer to read your channeled responses rather than listen to them, or you want to avoid having to prepare for your session and be on time. Email sessions are $50 less than phone sessions, because I have flexibility to do the session at my convenience.

Make your choice for either an email or phone session by clicking on the appropriate buy button — “Phone Channeling $250” or “Email Channeling $200”.

Once I receive your order, I email you further instructions on how to best create questions to get the most from your session. I email your channeled responses within 10 working days after your order.

All sessions are 60 minutes, which includes my time to channel responses to your questions as well as to compose and send your email.

What To Expect On Your Channeling Day

Even though you are not in the room with me (or on the phone if you choose the Email Channeling option), my connection to you takes place as if you were there. In either case, you may feel an energetic connection to Solara and me, or you may not feel anything at all.

Many clients report feeling a strong energetic presence during their session; everyone experiences this a little differently.  When via email, many clients know when the channeling takes place, even if I have not told them when I do it.

You may receive channeled “downloads” or basic energy healing (although if energy healing is your desire, this is best accomplished through a Shamanic Energy Healing session). You may even feel physical sensations of an energetic connection (warmth/cold, pressure, tingles, emotions, a sense of “knowingness”). Also, you may experience connections to your own spirit guides.

If you don’t feel or sense anything, that is OK. Feeling a connection (or not) does not affect the quality of your channeling or its results.

You may enter an altered state during your session and experience a distorted sense of time during which an hour seems like a few minutes or 5 hours. You may feel “spacey” or lightheaded after your session. This is not uncommon after exposure to high-powered energetic beings such as are part of Solara. Solara and I guide you to feel more grounded before we end our session.

You may remember little after your session. Jotting down a few notes here and there throughout your session may help you to remain present. You may prefer to record your session to help you remember Solara’s exact wording to you, although you will remember what you need to if you give it some time.

Boundaries — A Foundation For A Safer & More Sacred Container

Boundaries are the foundation to create a safer and more sacred container. My boundaries allow me to do my best work, and handle the inevitable unique challenges that channeling presents. I love assisting others to make their lives better through the unparalleled power that channeling offers. Please respect my boundaries so you too can feel safer in our sacred container.

Refrain From Testing Me & Solara

Do not intentionally obfuscate or deceive to “test” whether my channeling is real. If you do, your answers will come back distorted, weakened, and ultimately unsatisfying. You do not need to believe channeling works for it to work, but you have a belief that it does not work, your belief interferes with your ability to allow yourself to see Solara’s and my knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.

Those who doubt, test, and disbelieve channeling yet still test channels would not see the ocean if they were swimming in the middle of it. They would only see the sky, but refuse to acknowledge the existence of the ocean.

I know firsthand of this as I watched my own eternal beloved soulmate refuse to acknowledge the power of the unseen realms. When I found out on August 20th, 2015 that I had less than 3 weeks to live, he had to choose to see and use the unseen realms, that were always in front and all around him, to get the help he needed to save my life against impossible odds.

On October 18, 2017, a little over 2 years after that terror-filled August 20th, my beloved allowed a group of 11 powerful beings (who had been with him for many years) to fully enter and infuse his life with their guidance and healing. Now he channels these beings to assist him to fulfill his Destiny. I resisted telling him “I told you so” out of my profound love for him.

Now I’m telling YOU. If you test, doubt, and disbelieve, I know you know deep down that unseen allies surround you and wait for you to acknowledge and ask for their assistance.

Lastly, dishonesty does not help you with your conscious evolution, but instead furthers your own dishonesty with yourself. Please be truthful with yourself—the world needs all of us to speak our truth to ourselves and others.

Questions About Others — Examples of What Works

Questions on behalf of your minor children with whom you maintain a close and loving relationship. Questions on behalf of your partner in a love relationship. In these instances, energetic permission is almost always given, and the answers remain clear. I will, however, request that the information be shared with that person (unless the child is very young).

Questions About Others — Examples of What Does Not Work

Questions about your ex, who you think might be in a new relationship, because you feel jealous and can’t stand the thought that they might be happy. Questions about your neighbor, who you think might be abusing their spouse. In these instances, you almost certainly do not have either overt or energetic permission.

Questions On Arcane Or Difficult Subjects

I do my best to relay Solara’s answers to you, but if you are a physicist or biologist, for example, and your questions are about things such as quantum physics or molecular biology, the answers are likely to come back as more elementary than you might like.

Solara’s Boundaries On Hurting Yourself Or Others.

Solara is a conglomeration of many high-level beings and entities whose primary purpose is to expand the field of Love by teaching self-empowerment. If you are truly bent on hurting yourself or others, Solara gently but firmly aids you to understand your motivations and the consequences of your intended actions. This is not a therapy session, but an opportunity for you to better understand yourself and the impact of your intentions.

Session Logistics & Guidelines

TIME ZONE I Live In — Pacific Time (California)

Private phone sessionsare 60 minutes

We meet viatelephone if you are in the U.S., or via Skype if you live outside the U.S. If you live outside the U.S. and do not yet have Skype you can easily download the free Skype app before your session.

Sessions start & end on timeYou are responsible to be ready at the start time. If you are late to your session, you forfeit the time you missed and the session still ends at the scheduled time, without a refund for your missed time. If there are extenuating circumstances, I will consider them with compassion.

Refundsare available if I have to cancel the session without rescheduling, or if you have an emergency that stops you from attending or rescheduling. Sessions that have been completed are not refundable.

Reschedulingmust be done within 24 hours of the session start time. If you miss your appointment time without having had an emergency, you forfeit your appointment unless special arrangements are made in advance. No refunds are offered otherwise. I am professional and expect to be treated as such. Also, I endeavor to act in integrity with my promises, and expect you to also maintain integrity by showing up on time and fully prepared for your session.

Cancellationsmust be made 48 hours or more before the session start time

Recordingsof your session are not available, although you may record your session from your end if you desire AND inform me before we start. I recommend you test your recording system beforehand, as it is not unusual to experience electrical oddities during a channeling session.

Be Open, Willing & Excited

Be Open

Stay Away From Expectations:  Many people go into their channeling session with expectations. This attitude limits you and makes it difficult to receive the most helpful answers, which aren’t always the answers you expect. When you are open, magic can happen.

Be Willing

Prepare To Work For Results:  Solara or I may offer you homework or practices to assist you on your journey, especially if you work on specific issues or want to develop your channeling or intuitive skills. Be prepared to receive tools that you can use after the session concludes.

Be Excited

Your Guides & Allies Are Nudging You To Evolve:  If you book a channeling, or if you’re curious and/or excited about the thought of having a channeled reading…your higher self and guides are probably nudging you toward the next step in your personal evolution. Messages await you!

You may sense this as excitement, intuition, nervousness, inner knowing, inspiration, or joy. Your work is to show up and stay open to receive the unconditional love, guidance, and healing that are a part of a channeled reading.

All About Solara — A Conglomeration Of Multiple Entities & Other Collectives

What Solara Teaches

Solara teaches self-empowerment through self awareness. When you know who you are and understand the dynamics that you bring to your relationships and interactions, then you can relate and interact with more of yourself in those relationships and interactions.

When we bring more of ourselves to our daily lives and interactions with others, we encourage others to do the same. On our web page “League of O.M.”, we explain (Fellowship of Humanity) inner qualities and life skills that individuals can cultivate. When individuals cultivate these traits, they model qualities such as integrity and authenticity, and make daily choices that impact others positively.

Why is this important? It allows for more conscious and joyful life choices for yourself and all those whose lives you touch.

While it is true that humanity occupies but a small corner of the universe and of existence, nevertheless humans influence all physical planes.

This, then, is what Solara brings to all of humanity through messages and interactions: Solara assists you to make better choices that create change for yourself, humanity, the planet, and for all existence.

Solara — Overview

Solara consists of a conglomeration of multiple entities and other collectives. They work harmoniously to give a combined viewpoint that includes: former Earth beings who have competed their evolution on Earth and now teach while they continue to evolve, Nature spirits, extra-terrestrial intelligences, and collective human consciousness. Solara is a unique combination of perspectives that speaks as one being. I relay individuals’ questions to Solara and Solara’s answers to individuals and groups.

Solara Is Comprised Of:

❖ Polaris — an entity collective of seven higher-plane entities

❖ Michael & Seth — notable individual components of Polaris

❖ A collective of off-world consciousness — yes, aliens!

❖ Collective human consciousness

❖ Wedeme — a collective of nature spirits, also called nature devas

❖ My father, along with his lineage of shamans — died in 2016, is now an ascended being

❖ My higher self

How I Channel Solara

Channeling works as a cooperative effort between Solara and myself. When I channel, I first enter a receptive state, shift my vibration to align with Solara, then connect and exchange energy with you.

I channel consciously, which means I remain awake and aware while I channel, though my perception alters to more closely match that of Solara. I retain few particulars of a session for very long, although I usually remember the feel of the session and client.

Channeling is a partnership between myself and Solara, so I am much more than the conduit through which Solara speaks: my years of accumulated wisdom and knowledge also contributes to what I channel. The more I learn and grow as a human, the more I am able to access and translate from Solara.  

My channeling works best when I know at least a little about a subject I channel; however, Solara sometimes prompts me beforehand to learn about a subject that coincides with what a client asks about.

Subjects that I’m particularly adept at channeling about are aspects of human nature, our collective future, the arts, parenting, women’s issues, and many sciences. Also, I stay abreast of world events and popular culture.

Unparalleled Power In A Channeling Partnership

If you meet with Solara and me regularly—e.g., once a month—you build a relationship with Solara that amplifies your openness along with the enormous fountain of wisdom and love that Solara offers. This openness extends to all times in your life, not just during a session.

Over time you establish a partnership with Solara, who offers you helpful exercises that accelerates your transformation and healing, and gives you feedback on long term patterns that would not be possible with a single session. Together, we become your “anam cara”—soul friend—your partners in extraordinary growth and transformation. I am honored to play such an intimate and influential part of people’s lives, and I take this role very seriously.

Through our connection, I walk with you in partnership and assist you with insight and wisdom based on years of spiritual practice, self-exploration and awareness, and a channeled perspective. I welcome you as a being of incredible wisdom and ability.

What A Channeling Session Is Like With Solara & Me

Private sessions with Solara and me feel like spending time with a warm and trusted friend who knows you better than anyone else on the planet. These sessions are so much more than question-and-answer periods—they transform you. You’ll get what you need to make better, more aligned life choices, understand your relationships on a deeper level, and develop your psychic abilities.

Think of your session as a strong and unique partnership between you, me, and Solara. It’s a lot like a triangle, with every side being equal to every other. You are an essential part of your transformation process! You engage in the process during your session by sharing your experience and desires and by asking questions.

Solara and I see into your heart and soul during your session without judgment, because we know you are human with your struggles, patterns, fears, and hopes.

Solara and I bring insight, perspective, and immense energy into your life  wherever you wish to direct it. Our sessions help you to know your essence, your core Self.

Solara sees the utter beauty in Who You Are. This means that they will never tell you what you should do!  Instead, Solara offers you information from which you can make your own informed choices. Solara is completely focused on empowering you and helping you reconnect with your own inner wisdom—the wisdom you have always had.

A Deeper Understanding of Channeling

Channeling Explained

Channeling is the process of receiving energy, usually expressed as information or inspiration, from realms beyond our physical reality.

We often think of channeling as a mystical gift, but everyone possesses this natural ability—any time you’ve had a “gut feeling”, or you “just knew” a particular person was about to phone you, or you had the same thought at the same time that a friend did—you experienced channeling.

Expert channels take this natural human ability to translate energy into words to a higher and deeper level—they connect with higher-wisdom beings to obtain useful information that helps us better understand ourselves, our daily lives, and the workings of the universe.

Divination (using stones, runes, Tarot cards, and the like) is a form of channeling, as is mediumship (communication with the energy associated with the souls of those no longer incarnate).

Artistic expression is often channeled: music, dance, writing, art, and scientific innovation can all arise from channeled sources. All the creative forms of expression lend themselves to connection to the greater wisdom that exists all around us.

Channeling Is Mostly Distorted In Movies, TV & Media

Movies and TV shows often dramatize and distort channelling and the relationships between channels and higher-wisdom beings. This detracts from the good work that channels do, by sensationalizing and misrepresenting an ancient and sacred practice. Below are common misconceptions about channeling.

Channels Are Just A “Vessel” Through Which The Entity Pours Its Information

Movies and TV shows often depict channels as handy empty shells through which the entity pours its information to the recipient. Any conscious and aware channel is anything but a passive throughway for channeled information—in fact, it is essential for a channel to have accumulated wisdom and knowledge to accurately retrieve and translate clear information from the channeled entity.

Channels Must “Leave Their Body” During Channeling

Media often depicts the channel’s body as being “taken over” by the channeled entity, leaving the channel exhausted and even confused afterward, such as with Whoopi Goldberg’s character in the movie “Ghost”.  Most channels remain conscious and aware during channeling.

Channels Moan And Gyrate In Circles When Connecting With The Entity They Channel

Again, the movie “Ghost” depicted a dramatic version of what actual channeling looks like, as does the channel J.Z. Knight, who speaks in an exaggerated, deep booming voice when she channels an entity known as Ramtha. Most channels use a relatively normal speaking voice when channeling.

Channels Must “Get Their Mind Out Of The Way” For Clear And Undistorted Information To Come Through

A good channel is committed to personal growth and will have completed personal evolution work that allows them to relinquish fear, resistance, and judgment. This gives the channel clarity of mind and the ability to recognize and set aside their personal biases and beliefs when channeling.

A Short History of Channeling

Channeling is an ancient practice that has figured importantly throughout history in many forms. As long as we have been on the Earth, we humans have found ways to connect with inner guidance and higher guidance. Egyptians developed communication with the gods as a highly developed art. Greeks used Oracles to divine answers. Shamans of many cultures skillfully channeled various spirits and magical beings.

Channeling as we know it today arose from the 19th century Spiritualist movement, popularized by material from teaching entities like Abraham, Michael, Kryon, and Bashar, whose wisdom offers valuable perspectives on human life.

How Channeling Is Incredibly Useful

Humans are accustomed to the way things operate within reality as we perceive it, which severely limits our understanding, problem solving, working through existential angst, knowing our Destiny, imagining options, and knowing what is most important.

When we add the “big picture” that higher beings and spiritual teachers inhabit, we more accurately see important things in our lives: our life path, life purpose, agreements with others, relationship issues, energetic matters, physical challenges and dis-eases, and Destiny.

Channeled information guides us to make better life choices, which results in a life that flows in closer alignment with our Destiny and True Self.

Higher-wisdom entities want us to grow and evolve. They themselves continue to learn, grow, and evolve as they offer their perspective to aid us to evolve into better individuals, and humanity to evolve into a better species.

Raving Fans — Channeling With Talyaa — Raving Fans

The info I seek was more than ordinary but beneficial for mankind because it was new treatment for healing.

I was forewarned that most of those claiming to channel were unreliable and even fakes.

But channeling was my last resort. I contacted at least 10 psychics and gifted mediums. Some did not respond eliminating the unqualified. I met one who gave me the correct answer but it was just a bit of info. There was no problem because I did not pay for this. Then I had a session with one but the info was not only lacking but inconsistent and worst – it was false (a fake channeler).

If there was a real channeler, I’d find one.

Talyaa was different – her response to my emails were more sure and with conviction.

The session with Talyaa & Polaris was quite a revelation. Just about all my questions were answered. The info was clear and I had specific questions to expound on matters that were important. Polaris was able to retrieve knowledge that goes back to Atlantis but relevant to solving our modern age. The answers I got from Polaris were full and complete & that’s the reason I know Talyaa is a true channeler.

I would recommend Talyaa & Polaris to anyone who seeks answers from a higher power.

In future, if I need a channeler, I know who I seek – and that’s Talyaa & Polaris.

Henry M.

Health Researcher

On January 20 I had a channeling with Talyaa that felt remarkably incisive and helpful in terms of processing the dissolution of a relationship – and the emotional debris that remained. T said some things that I have never told anyone – and hadn’t even fully admitted to myself. The content of past lives mentioned was particularly astute in terms of core themes triggered by this relationship providing a certain “Aha!”.

I was seeking greater understanding and clarity within a larger framework and Talyaa’s reading was hugely helpful in this endeavor. Beyond the high accuracy and relevance of the reading, Talyaa’s manner is so approachable and warm.

What a pleasure! Thank you again.

Laura W.

Marriage & Family Therapist

Talyaa came recommended to me by a friend who was amazed by the insights she received and now I see why. I recommend Talyaa to anyone I know that is interested.

Since my reading, something is shifting within me and I am eternally grateful for Talyaa as an insightful channel and for her ability to connect with this energy that can and does transform lives. Thank you!

Marie L.

Wow! Holy Cow! I’m at a loss of adequate words to describe how phenomenal this channeling is.

At the moment I’m pretty overwhelmed – this is a wealth of knowledge and so much more than I could have even imagined. Thank you (and Polaris) so much for making it so easy to understand.

Truly, I’m just blown away and will need to listen to it many more times to really absorb the many messages I’m receiving.

Janice O.


What a reading that last one was! I don’t know how to thank you enough for making your incredible talents available to me.

It is funny, it is only 33 minutes, but it felt so much longer – and emotionally intense. I have only been able to listen to about 5 minutes at a time before I have to stop and deal with the feelings. But how accurate it was! I just had to stop because OF the intensity!

I have a feeling I will be taking this in a bit at a time for a while now. It answered so many questions, and explained so many feelings I have had.

Kelly A.

ER Physician

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

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