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League of O.M.!

Highly Effective Ways To Transform Yourself, Understand Your Essence, Change Your World & Feel More Alive! Take The Destiny QuizBlessing Guide

Talyaa Liera, inhabiting an archetypal role of ORACLE

Talyaa channels SOLARA

A Message From Talyaa & Dave

Humanity desperately needs far more effective ways for each citizen of Earth to transform themselves, understand their essence, change their world & feel more alive. At this website we address this problem head-on, where you can get education, training and resources to learn and use these “more effective ways”.

A Word On Destiny

We believe everyone has a Destiny, which is your blueprint of why you are here and alive, how you belong, and what you are meant to do! Once you know your destiny, EVERYTHING changes … you come home … you feel that you belong. However, we think the world is on a runaway train towards even more massive suffering if people don’t uncover and live their Destinies.

All of our offerings are biased towards intentionally accelerating the positive evolution of Humanity’s Destiny by assisting individuals to heal, grow and transform way more quickly than is currently happening. Please help your loved ones, communities and world by consciously evolving yourself.

Dave Donatiu, inhabiting an archetypal role of MAGI

Dave facilitates PARADOX CURE

Offerings To Transform Your Self, Understand Your Essence, Change Your World & Feel More Alive!

The ORACLE’s Path – Understand Your Essence

All of my offerings are a part of The ORACLE’s Path, a mystical path that guides us to our destiny. We step onto this path before we are born and remain on our entire lives. It connects us to the tapestry of humanity, gives meaning and significance to the events of our lives, and puts events into a greater context. Among many gifts this path offers, is a deep understanding of your Essence.


Talyaa Channels Solara

Make life easier with Talyaa Channels Solara which gives clarity and a deeper understanding of your life and your life’s situations.

Soul Discovery Reading

With a Soul Discovery Reading, you uncover more of who you are, so your life makes more sense and you feel like you fit in the world. Get a deeper understanding of your Essence, your Self, and how others see you. Discover your soul’s underlying challenges.

Shamanic Energy Healing

With a Shamanic Energy Healing you will feel better in your body, heart, and soul. The healing works to get you unstuck, heal on a deep level, and rebalance energies.

Wild & Delicious Life Forecast

Make life easier with a Wild & Delicious Life Forecast — an entire year to come, plus practices to support your journey. Know what is likely coming up so you can prepare for it and make better life choices.

The Magical Goddess Journey

As you take a guided intensive deep-dive 28 day Magical Goddess Journey you feel more powerful and feminine. You unleash sacred feminine power and self-understanding, and re-author your story of what it is to be a woman.

Breakthrough Destiny Experience

Completely shift how you experience and live as you take charge of your life with a Breakthrough Destiny Experience  — an intensive 9 week adventure with everything that the ORACLE has to offer (all of her services above). The synergy of using all the ORACLE’S gifts changes YOU and your life.

Soul Painting Commission

Remember who you are with a Soul Painting Commission, which reflects to you every time you gaze upon a painting of your Soul — the true you – a powerful talismanic symbol of your essence.

Divine Feminine Art

When you look at any of the ORACLE’S Divine Feminine Art –  lively and soulful renderings of the feminine spirit – you are reminded of the beauty and femininity that is in each of us.

The Way of The MAGI – Transform Yourself

The Way of The MAGI is a path of modern-day magicians to master the use of integral knowledge that all reality is energy, then direct energy to transform themselves & their world in service to humanity and its Destiny.


The Paradox Cure Foundation Experience

I offer The Paradox Cure, a way more effective approach to heal, grow and transform than almost any other. The Paradox Cure does the opposite of what almost all other paths do — it supports the innate wisdom of the body and psyche to do what it knows how to do best — heal, grow and transform. It does NOT have to take years, months, weeks or even days to change quickly and permanently.

The Paradox Cure Foundation Experience, a 4.5 hour experiential body-centered journey in your body, soul and psyche, connects you with your body and psyche more deeply than you ever knew possible. This experience forever alters how you are in your body.

Eventually you reclaim an aspect of your body that is present in all humanity, but mostly forgotten — your INNER COMPASS. Through your inner compass, you can uncover your deeper truths at any time, and then a deeper truth of who you are becomes accessible – you will transform, cry and be astounded at the deeper truths you claim.

As you claim your deeper truths, you set yourself free of issues that have messed up your life, or stopped you from living fully. You transform how you handle everything in life!