League of O.M.

We are a gathering of individuals (League) that support each other to uncover and live our unique destinies in community. As we fulfill our Destinies, we network our communities into a global power to positively accelerate Humanity’s Destiny.

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A New Model of Community To Consciously Evolve & Make Our World Better

League Of O.M. Is A New Model Of Community That Engages Its Members In Cultivating Key Human Skills & Traits To Deliberately Develop

Consciously Evolve

We believe people are VERY willing to WORK HARD to get what truly matters to them. Consciously evolving oneself brings the most valuable gifts in life that people seek — everything from enlightenment to intimate relationships, success, health and well being, strong communities, life skills, and life fulfillment.

However, we have all been lied to and deceived into thinking that if we only do this workshop or that seminar or buy this product or follow this guru or path that we will get what we want and all will be well. In addition, most growth work is actually far less effective than it could be. What to do?  Whom do you trust?

Imagine a community whose members work hard to consciously evolve themselves to make their lives and the world better, because the community is led by master facilitators that share their wisdom while endeavoring to embody the qualities of The Fellowship of Humanity: authenticity, integrity, accountability, intimacy, mastery and transparency. Imagine that these facilitators apply their mastery of life skills to assist every member to quickly achieve long-lasting, and meaningful results in their lives. Imagine a community where members produce unprecedented results in their life, beyond what people have known as commonly found in most growth programs, organizations, or seminars that exists today.

Authenticity & Integrity

We believe that people lie, deceive, and manipulate because that is what they experience and are unconsciously taught. They see no advantage to being authentic or cultivating personal integrity in a world that is mostly inauthentic and out of integrity, where people want to get ahead at the expense of others without considering the impact their actions have on others.

IMAGINE A COMMUNITY whose members are authentic, and who strive to cultivate greater personal integrity with each other and their world — working towards a win-win scenario. League of O.M. members get to witness the profound benefits of living an authentic life of personal integrity and win-win actions.

Feeling Life

We believe that modern culture has mistakenly valued thinking life above FEELING life, and has harshly judged feeling as inferior and weak. Feeling life is a skill of experiencing one’s world without resistance of one’s sensations, physiological processes, emotions, information flowing through multiple channels of input (not just the 5 senses), and the overall sense of everything together.

Feeling life is where an individual gets access to great power to change their life, make a bigger difference, and live fully.  By negating feeling life and relegating feeling to an inferior status, individuals unknowingly give away much of their personal power, and humans continue to suffer under terrible atrocities.  Some would argue that humanity, as it has committed and still commits countless atrocities, may not be worthy of aid from probable intergalactic civilizations or the imminent creation and awakening of Artificial Intelligence as a sentient species.

IMAGINE A COMMUNITY whose members honor FEELING life, and who become adept at this most precious life skill by which they cultivate their  latent powers. Our superpowers and best talents exist and are found in the realm of FEELING life. Throughout its different events, League of O.M. supports members to cultivate the skill of FEELING life.


We believe our modern civilization has lost the sacred aspect that existed daily in cultures as little as 50-100 years ago. What happened to:  Sharing our stories in life? Spending time in ritual by ourselves and with others in community? Celebrating life in community? Reveling in the quiet of nature? Spending time alone without communication with the outside world or even seeing another human being? Vision quests? Initiations that bring individuals into adulthood as great contributing members of society? Honoring and learning from our elders?

IMAGINE A COMMUNITY whose members weave sacredness into modern life, where the deep richness of being human is shared and lived once again. In this sacredness, Destiny is allowed, understood, and sought. A big reason why Destiny has been forsaken, and only talked about in legends, is because modern day society has forgotten sacredness.

Ecology Checks

We believe that many of us have become so disconnected with community and life itself, that we have numbed ourselves to the consequences of our actions. Everything we do has consequences (impact) in many ways on various things — people, lifeforms, ecological systems, cultures, families and power structures. An ecology check is an assessment of the potential consequences (impact) of our actions in major possible ways, before we take the action so we can choose if and what actions to take.

IMAGINE A COMMUNITY whose members learn and consistently perform ecology checks, cultivating mindfulness of how their actions impact people, all life, and the world.

Intimacy In Relationships

We believe people yearn for intimacy in conversations, relationships, and gatherings. They only resort to extended small-talk because it is mostly all that is commonly found in interactions. We believe that deep down almost everyone is scared of everyone else and have not learned relationship intimacy skills. Why are we scared?  We have fallen out of Sacredness, out of FEELING life, out of Integrity and Authenticity. Instead, everyone is in survival mode, just trying to get ahead at the expense of others.

IMAGINE A COMMUNITY whose members have intimate conversations in which they share deeper truths of their struggles and celebrations, their true desires and dreams, and their pleas for help for what they desperately need but don’t know how to get. These intimate sharings are freely given, without anyone having to ask or wait years for a deep friendship to develop or for the inevitable life crisis that temporarily lifts the curtain of social restraint.

Truth Saying

We believe people yearn to be around others who tell them the truth of what they think, experience, and believe about them. However, most people are so scared of what others think about them, and are so insecure about themselves, that they lie to themselves and others about what they think, experience, and believe.

IMAGINE A COMMUNITY whose members cultivate confidence in themselves and accept the truth of who they are, drop their fear of what others may think about them, and learn to experience the magnificent truth of being alive. All of this leads to TRUTH SAYING, in which members say their truth to themselves and others.

Benefits of Contributing in Community

League of O.M.

We are a gathering of individuals (League) that support each other to uncover and live our unique destinies in community.  As we fulfill our Destinies, we network our communities into a global power to positively accelerate Humanity’s Destiny.

  • Able to make a stronger positive difference in their communities, families, loved ones, friends, and WORLD
  • Accelerate personal evolution (Go beyond trying to acquire/ possess/ do more in life by shifting paradigms of how growth, healing & transform/ evolve (world of magic, connection, Destiny)
  • Feel and be part of something bigger (Destiny)
  • End isolation and become a contributing part of a community of like-minded people who care and want to evolve themselves and their communities and humanity, and who lead others towards a place of co-operation over competition and stewardship of Gaia, and who support diversity, inclusiveness, and resolution.
  • Make their lives a grand adventure — get out of:
    • the rat race of working (give away life energy & time) to acquire more
    • competition — where there has to be a winner and loser
    • personal growth & continual motivation — which is just programming over resistance
    • life by default — make life happen they way they want through goal setting, ambition, achieving, and experiencing life as hard

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

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WE DID WHAT DOCTORS SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE – Talyaa survived 2 terminal cancers (end stage 4c) at a devastating cost. We spent ALL our time (3 full time jobs worth) over 5 years & gave up everything – community, friends, dreams, going out – except to over 700 healthcare appointments.

OUR HEALTH IS IN RUINS – We both suffer debilitating health & permanent damage to our brains & body. Dave denied himself help in order to save Talyaa, while enduring painful disabling late-stage Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning & arteriosclerosis. Talyaa is permanently disabled due to cancer treatments.

WE HAVE LITTLE MONEY – We have mostly existed on donations & government aid, & still do! We desperately need financial help so Dave can beat Lyme & heal his trauma & body damage from 5 years of massive stress knowing he could find his wife dead any morning & being fully responsible for her life as he researched & chose all treatment protocols. Dave’s devotion to save his beloved damaged his arteries, brain & GI tract & drove him to the brink of a heart attack.

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