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A gourmet meal served fresh monthly filled with Good Deeds, ORACLE Destiny Transmission, MAGI Transformation Hacks, Destiny of Humanity Insights, Original Quiz & Survey Results

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Good Deeds, ORACLE Destiny Transmissions, MAGI Transformation Hacks, Destiny of Humanity Insights, Original Quiz & Survey Results

Monthly we serve you a soul-nourishing gourmet meal, not found anywhere else.

❖  GOOD DEEDS — News of good deeds in the world (links) — short summaries for 3-5 articles of people doing good in the world with links to the full story. Inspiring examples of people contributing in community.

❖  ORACLE DESTINY TRANSMISSION — 300-500 words on delicious topics such as the future of humanity, the secret life of whales, and the meaning behind the Lyme Disease epidemic.

❖  MAGI TRANSFORMATION HACKS — Access Points to transform yourself and your life using the MAGI’s effective and transformation self-hack methods.

❖  DESTINY OF HUMANITY INSIGHTS — Short summary of articles about factors that influence Humanity’s Destiny

O.M. summary of what we have grokked in the world that month concerning personal Destiny and the Destiny of Humanity

The latest on League of O.M.’s growth

Inspiring stories about people uncovering their Destiny

❖  SURVEY — Survey results from our original research on Destiny, updated regularly.

Talyaa Liera (ORACLE) & Dave Donatiu (MAGI)

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WE DID WHAT DOCTORS SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE – Talyaa survived 2 terminal cancers (end stage 4c) at a devastating cost. We spent ALL our time (3 full time jobs worth) over 5 years & gave up everything – community, friends, dreams, going out – except to over 700 healthcare appointments.

OUR HEALTH IS IN RUINS – We both suffer debilitating health & permanent damage to our brains & body. Dave denied himself help in order to save Talyaa, while enduring painful disabling late-stage Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning & arteriosclerosis. Talyaa is permanently disabled due to cancer treatments.

WE HAVE LITTLE MONEY – We have mostly existed on donations & government aid, & still do! We desperately need financial help so Dave can beat Lyme & heal his trauma & body damage from 5 years of massive stress knowing he could find his wife dead any morning & being fully responsible for her life as he researched & chose all treatment protocols. Dave’s devotion to save his beloved damaged his arteries, brain & GI tract & drove him to the brink of a heart attack.

PLEASE DONATE, OR BUY one of our services – we need help!