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Humanity Desperately Needs Far More Effective Ways To:

❖ Heal, grow & transform

❖ Positively change their lives & the lives of family, friends, communities, and the world

❖ Understand who they are and why they are alive

❖ Feel better and more alive

Resignation, Apathy, Despair …

However, too many people have become resigned, apathetic, and even in despair because they feel powerless to change much in their lives or the world.

Why So Much Powerlessness? Can We Change?

We have identified 5 main factors that contribute highly to planet-wide powerlessness (See below). However, humanity CAN change.

We believe when people understand what the underlying problems are, and shown a path to change it that they believe works, then passionate individuals who are willing to do the hard work to evolve themselves to help change the world — DO!

League of O.M. — A Community To Change The World

We are a gathering of individuals (League) that supports one other to uncover and live our unique destinies in community. As we fulfill our Destinies, we network our communities into a global power to positively accelerate Humanity’s Destiny.

5 Factors That Contribute To Powerlessness Throughout Humanity:

APPROACHES TO HEAL, GROW & TRANSFORM — Are Mostly Very Slow & Often Ineffective

Why? I often hear practitioners say that their client needs to work harder, longer, or better. Or the client didn’t really want the change. Or the client wasn’t ready. Or … NO! NO! NO!

What Is Responsible For Healing, Growth & Transformation

I found that the factor that causes healing, growth, and transformation (ACCEPTANCE) is rarely understood — and definitely not exploited. Our bodies and psyches possess an amazing innate wisdom. However, modern civilization’s approach to so much of life, including growth, healing and transformation, is to control our bodies and psyches. Our thinking is NOT smarter or wiser than the complexity and majesty of our body’s innate wisdom.

Stop Trying To Control Our Bodies

When we stop trying to control our bodies, and instead listen to it, we harness the power that underlies all healing, growth, and transformation — ACCEPTANCE. Then, it only takes 2-20 hours to radically and permanently transform yourself, not 20 years! And in only 20 minutes, it is possible to identify the thing that stops you everywhere in your life, as long as you are willing to feel your body (STATE-OF-FEEL — see next section).

At League of O.M. we offer The Paradox Cure as the experiential approach of ACCEPTANCE that supports the innate wisdom of our body.

STATE-OF-FEEL — We Rarely Live In Our Bodies


STATE-OF-FEEL is awareness of one’s own physical sensations and bodily emotions. It is the skill of feeling in to one’s own body and being aware and conscious of the myriad sensations that constantly take place within the body. It is the connection of mind and body as one. We rarely live in our bodies, and lose out on the vast power, healing, growth, and transformative power that is ONLY accessible when in this state!

We Have Given Up Feeling Alive In Our Bodies

As we expand our modern civilization’s array of technological tools, science, and medicines, we shut out and give up our natural connection to the power of Nature, the elemental forces that help us feel alive and connected to our bodies.

When was the last time you went 3 days without: food? shelter? seeing or hearing another human being? When was the last time you were soaked by a thunderstorm’s downpour? Swam a mile across a lake? Hunted hours for your food? Killed a live animal with your bare hands, gutted or skinned it, and cooked it over an open fire?

We Live Mostly In Our Heads

Now we live mostly from our heads. We have learned to mistrust our bodies. We numb away what we don’t want to feel, or take a pill to control our bodies, and take more and more pills to counter the side effects of our other pills.

At League of O.M. the MAGI offers The Paradox Cure — its foundation is education and training to help you get back into your body — state-of-feel!  Also, the ORACLE offers energy healing, scrying, and vision that aids individuals with underlying issues that have made it difficult and scary to re-enter a state-of-feel. Check out her Shamanic Energy Healing.

DESTINY — We Forgot We Have A DESTINY & ARE Part Of Something Much Bigger!

Tabula Rosa (Blank Slate) or NOT?

Many personal growth organizations have a cosmology (underlying set of beliefs) that claim we humans are a “tabula rosa” — a blank slate — when we are born. Organizations such as Landmark and Avatar (which I have participated in, enjoyed, recommend, and respect) assert that the world is inherently empty and meaningles, and that the only meaning ever anywhere only comes from within us — our beliefs in our brains.

Personal Growth Cosmologies Inaccurate!

We fully disagree. These personal growth organizations have it wrong. There is great meaning in the world, beyond what we bring to it. Life is far from empty and meaningless, and we are NOT blank slates when we are born. Several cultures understand this — in some, communities name their children prior to birth by listening in to the soul in the mother’s belly to ask its Destiny. Do you understand how significant this is?  It is possible to uncover your Destiny before you are even born!

DESTINY Exists But Has Been Forgotten

Destiny exists, but has been forgotten. Destiny is not fated — we have free will as to how we fulfill our Destiny, which goes far beyond life purpose. Destiny is our life’s unique blueprint, a magnificent magnetic force that joins us to humanity to help us all evolve. As we strive to live our Destiny, we also actualize our potential. Read more about DESTINY.

Deep Despair Without Destinty

I have witnessed firsthand the deep despair in people that believe the only meaning in life is what they create. One big-shot leader at one of the personal growth organizations I attended spoke of how he had thoughts of suicide, and how for years he didn’t know how he could continue to live. This man was one of the highest leaders in an organization that teaches that life is inherently meaningless.

Please check in with yourself, deeply. Do you truly believe there is no meaning in the world except what humans create?

Destiny Wakes Us Up, Guides Us, Imparts Power

Furthermore, Destiny wakes us up, guides us, and gives us great power and life fulfillment. Without pursuing one’s Destiny, people will face challenges to attain great life fulfillment. However, a person can be fulfilling their Destiny yet not know it. Just because you may not know your Destiny, or even believe Destiny exists, doesn’t mean you may not be living your Destiny.

Destiny Comes From YOU

Where does Destiny come from?  Destiny comes from YOU. Before you are born you connect with all of humanity and choose the expected result for your life, one that supports humanity’s evolution as well as your own growth and evolution as a human.

At League of O.M., EVERYTHING we offer supports each individual to uncover and live their Destiny. Our Destiny is to remind the world that Destiny exists, and to assist individuals and humanity to live their Destiny — click here to read what is Humanity’s Destiny.


People Are Out For Themselves

Too many of us are out for ourselves to get ahead at the expense of others. This is easily seen in many of today’s leaders. The very people whose duty is to care for others model despicable traits instead — inauthenticity, narcissism, manipulation, deception, competitiveness, stealing, and cheating. They exploit those with no votes in our governing: less powerful people; homeless; the poor; disenfranchised groups; the environment; animals.

Still Make War Over Beliefs That Aren’t True

We humans still make war and oppress one another in the name of our beliefs. Very little of humanity have evolved to the point of realizing that our beliefs are not actually true, but are simply a construct of our minds. Avatar (Avatarepc.com), an organization dedicated to world peace, puts forth its mission, with a deep understanding that beliefs are not true:

“The mission of Avatar in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems. When we perceive that the only difference between us is our beliefs and that beliefs can be created or discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold, and world peace will ensue.”

Human Skills & Traits

Our expanding list of KEY HUMAN SKILLS AND TRAITS FOR DELIBERATE DEVELOPMENT — Conscious Evolution, Authenticity & Integrity, Feeling Life, Sacredness, Ecology Checks, Intimacy in Relationships, Truth Saying, Win-Win Mindset, Accountability & Transparency, Mastery, and Self Acceptance.  See our page — League of O.M. for details.

Too few of us cultivate these skills and traits that build personal power, evolve humanity, and make the world a better place. As these skills and traits are learned, cultivated, modeled, and passed on to people everywhere, humanity can radically change its trajectory from a path of massive suffering, war, exploitation, oppression, and probable extinction to a path by which humanity fulfills its Destiny as a space-faring species and models the brilliance of what is possible in an evolved state.

At League of O.M. we offer education & training, and model to the best of our abilities these skills and traits in our offerings, coming events and speaking.


Thrown Away Community, Its Stories, and Valued Elders

We have thrown away our connection to community along with essential wisdom shared through each community’s stories and its valued elders. Though social media is a form of community and is a wonderful way to connect to many other people, our human birthright — communal connection — depends on face to face in-person contact. Even if we video conference/FaceTime/Skype, we still miss out on a lot more that takes place when we meet in person.

Communal Connection — In Person

When we gather in person with other human beings, we can experience the full range of non-verbal communication. We receive input we never get any other way: odors (hopefully pleasant, but many odors are undetectable); sounds that are not yet encoded or decoded by technology; the ability to draw near to or back away from a person; touch; gesturing for greater impact. In addition, we experience energies of emotions, minute electrical signaling, and subtler energies that affect us similarly to non-verbal behaviors or pheromones, although most of us are unaware of them.

All of this contact makes THE difference! In fact, many studies have proved that one of our physiological needs, other than eating, breathing, drinking, shelter, urinating, and defecating, is HUMAN CONTACT — TOUCH! Many so-called psychological “problems” are caused by a lack of touch.

Stories Impart Wisdom

Stories impart wisdom and other critical information that assists us to live better lives and aid one another. When we exchange stories face to face, we are witnessed. This is no small thing — being witnessed, seen, heard, and felt emotionally by others is crucial to our health and well-being.

At League of O.M. we offer in-person gatherings (coming in early 2018), that educate and train others to reconnect to community in deep emotional ways. We facilitate a sharing of our hearts, souls, and wisdom through: stories; being seen, heard and emotionally felt; magical experiences; and inspirational multi-media including music, video, movie clips, and a welcoming hearth fire.

League Of O.M. Offers A Path To Shift Powerlessness In The World By Evolving Yourself In A Powerful Community — We Educate, Train & Inspire You To:

Get Effective Healing, Growth & Transformation

The Paradox Cure

The Paradox Cure is a way more effective approach to heal, grow and transform, more than almost any other modality. The Paradox Cure does the opposite of what almost all other paths do — it supports the innate wisdom of the body and psyche to do what it knows how to do best — heal, grow and transform. It does NOT have to take years, months, weeks or even days to change quickly and permanently.

The Paradox Cure swiftly aids you to move through whatever has you stuck and ineffective in life by RUNNING TOWARDS AND ACCEPTING that which you resist. By accepting what you resist, you are able to QUICKLY make any change in your psyche/soul/life that you never could have before! It does NOT have to take years, months, weeks or even hours to change quickly and permanently.

Furthermore, by learning ACCEPTANCE through The Paradox Cure, practitioners of all types of healing, growth, and transformation — psychotherapists, massage therapists, psychologists, EMDR, etc — learn how to be far more effective with  the modalities they use.

❖  Click for details — The Paradox Cure – Harness The Power That Drives Healing, Growth & Transformation

Shamanic Energy Healing from the ORACLE

Shamanic Energy Healing uses energy medicine that works gently yet effectively on a quantum level to clear blocks in your energy field and help realign your energy to its natural state of ease and flow.

It unlocks your magnificence – the brilliance of WHO YOU ARE – and quickly boosts you to a new level of alignment with the life you were meant to live.

Click for details — Shamanic Energy Healing from the ORACLE — Deep Healing.  Big Life Change.  Get Unstuck.  Rebalance.  Feel More Alive.


Cultivate Personal Power & Skills To Effectively Change What You Want

Personal Power

Personal power is the ability to effectively complete one’s intentions, goals, and endeavors. When you cultivate your personal power, you develop the skills to become dramatically more effective at making changes anywhere you want to see change — in yourself, your life, the lives of other people you care about (significant others, family, friends), your communities, and the world.


Bandwidth is the most important personal power skill — it is the ability to do far more with your current resources and abilities. When you expand your bandwidth, you have: more energy, focus, and attention; better use of time; better organization; deeper understanding of your desires, wants, and needs; better health; more able to aid others or start new projects; and a vast number of possibilities that become way more probable to experience or do.

Most importantly with increased bandwidth: you gain the ability to prioritize where to put bandwidth and how to most powerfully use your 4 personal resources — time, energy, money, imagination; manage your actions (“time management”); and use of your brain even more effectively.

Without increasing your current bandwidth, it is VERY challenging to take on any new project or make one’s life better! Changing anything in your life — cultivating personal power, learning life skills, feeling better and more alive — all takes more bandwidth.

Coming in December — a free article that explains what you can do quickly and RIGHT NOW to increase your bandwidth.

❖  A Guide To Double Your Bandwidth (by the MAGI – a freebie COMING IN DECEMBER)

The Way of the MAGI — Integrated Life Skills System To Live Your Destined Life

This system educates and trains individuals on how to use and adapt a complete integrated system of life skills for your unique needs — an actual life manual! If a life manual seem too good to be true — great. Skepticism is healthy. We will offer articles and explanations of The Way of the MAGI that you can use immediately to improve your life. (COMING IN February 2018)

❖  The Way of the MAGI Coaching (by the MAGI — COMING IN NOVEMBER 2017)

Understand Who You Are & Why You Are Alive

The ORACLE Offers a Deep Understanding of YOU

You can truly know who you are — how you look at the world, how others see you, your soul’s underlying challenges, why you are here, how you belong, what you are meant to do, and why you are alive. When you understand YOU at such a deep level, many more things are possible in life, as well as an increased sense of well being.

The ORACLE operates on a deep level to assist individuals to understand themselves on a profound magnitude. She offers the following services to assist you to understand YOU at a level beyond which we can usually do ourselves, or normally ever do in an entire lifetime.

Read more about — Life Destiny Reading — Your Blueprint Of Why You Are Here, How You Belong, What You Are Meant To Do. Know WHY You Are Alive!

❖ Read more about — Wild & Delicious Life Forecast — A Personal Roadmap For The Year Ahead That Uncovers How To Best Use What Comes Your Way!

❖ Soul Discovery Reading Details coming NOVEMBER 2017 — Discover Who You Are, How You Look At The World, How Others See You, & Your Soul’s Underlying Challenges

Feel Better & More Alive

How to Feel Better & More Alive

Many factors support us to feel better and more alive. Health, community, being in nature …  Much of what League of O.M. offers supports people to feel better and more alive.  Think about it — wouldn’t you feel better and more alive if you…

…completed loads of healing, growth and transformation; understood yourself at a deeper level (who you are and why you are alive); learned life skills and cultivated personal power to increase your ability to make effective changes with yourself, others and the world?

Through cutting-edge Functional Medicine, we offer critically important knowledge on how to support your body to feel much better.

Cutting-Edge Functional Medicine Approach

Functional Medicine goes beyond what is possible within our current medical system and community — it cultivates optimal health, great vitality and longevity, energy, and well-being:

  • Testing for medical conditions (clinical – something is wrong) AND functional conditions (subclinical – before something goes wrong, striving for optimal health, not just fixing something already gone terribly wrong). I use medical tests (blood, saliva, urine, fecal) that measure values that doctors rarely measure, and measure  functioning of body systems through symptomology with an in-depth set of questionnaires of over 1200 questions. In addition, I use medical tests from your primary doctor and several specialists to also uncover level of functioning of your body systems.
  • Measured tracking of medical & functional tests AND symptomology
  • Employ lifestyle modifications to increase overall functioning of your entire body along with every body system. Lifestyle includes some of the following — sleep hygiene, environment enhancement (quality of water, air, EMF, noise, life organization)
  • Create a powerful integrated system of supplements, herbs, food, meal preparation, and bio-hacking — all working with your existing prescribed medications

❖ Details coming in November 2017