Welcome to The League of O.M.

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What if there was one huge reason that explained why Life Does Not Work, People Suffer, and The World Is A Mess?

There is — DESTINY!

DESTINY is real, but has been forgotten.  And it is not what you probably think it is.

Our Destiny is to remind the world about Destiny, teach it, and guide individuals to live it. We do this through League of O.M., a new model of community we founded to support individuals to uncover and live their Destiny, AND cultivate, teach and model qualities that support consciously evolving — The Fellowship of Humanity.

Welcome to the League of O.M.  We hope you join us to make the world a better place!

Talyaa Liera and Dave Donatiu

DESTINY is not fated — we have free will in how we fulfill our destiny and if we fulfill our destiny, or not.

DESTINY goes beyond life purpose — destiny is a blueprint for an expected agreed-upon outcome.

Why We Are Doing This

Because we want people and the world to be better. We can agree, yes? What makes the world better? WE DO! You, me, us, individuals, communities, nations. 

Humanity is at a Crossroads

Frankly, the world is a mess. Climate change wreaks havoc and destruction, people still kill, torture, and enslave one another, and the political circus gets messier every day. Humanity has come to a crossroads — one path leads to expanded worldwide suffering and possible extinction of humanity, and the other road leads to humanity actually fulfilling its grand collective destiny as a space-faring species among the stars.

Living Destiny as Hope

At this point, we believe that the best and perhaps the only way we humans will become better fast enough to save humanity is if we uncover and fulfill our Destinies. Besides, when we consciously evolve ourselves as individuals, our lives become far better, our loved ones benefit, and our communities grow and thrive. The fastest way to consciously evolve and live a great life is to live our Destiny.

Perhaps No Coincidence You are Here

We, Dave and Talyaa, aka MAGI and ORACLE, are only two people. Yet we strongly believe that what we share here at League of O.M. can make a difference in the trajectory of humanity’s evolution and Destiny!

Perhaps it is no coincidence you are reading this today and you responded to a deep call from your soul. Maybe you have awaited this call for a long time. Your soul may have been crying out to you, and in coming here today you may feel that you have at long last arrived among your people.

Welcome. We need you. Your loved ones need you. The world needs you.

What Life FEELS like NOT Living Destiny VS. Living Destiny

 Adrift, That Your Life Is Meaningless, And You Don’t Matter  VS—>  On Course, That Your Life And Every Life Matters, Life Is Meaningful And Is Part Of Something Bigger!

 Lonely, Isolated, And Without A Positive Feeling Of Family And Tribe  VS—>  Wanted, Connected, And That You Are An Integral Part Of Family And Tribe!

 Unloved And Unsupported  VS—>  Loved And Supported, Knowing That Other People In Your Life Have Your Back!

 Stuck, Just Surviving Or Coping  VS—>  You Can Thrive!

 Powerless To Make A Positive Difference In The World  VS—>  Possess Personal Power And An Ability To Make A Positive Difference In The World!

 Uninspired, Resigned And Dead Inside With No Dreams — You Are Just Going Through The Motions Of Life VS—>  Inspired, Excited And More Alive Than Ever Before As You Reclaim Your Dreams And Dream New Dreams!

 Scared And Your Life Is Too Small To Try Anything New  VS—> Excited At How Your Big Your Life Is, To Try New Things, Meet New People And Discover Life You Never Knew!

We Co-Create DESTINY Prior To Birth And Every Human Strives To Fulfill Their Destiny

DESTINY Wakes Us Up, Guides Us, Gives Us Great Power And Life Fulfillment

Everything Has A DESTINY, Which Interrelates To All Destinies

DESTINY Has Been Hidden, Until Now

The Paradox Cure

It takes 20 hours to transform yourself, not 20 years! In 20 hours you can radically transform the patterns of how you respond to life in your psyche, emotions, mind and body.

It does NOT take 20 years to fully transform yourself, even though most people think it has to take decades. It is possible to identify what stops you everywhere in your life. It takes me 20 minutes to do this as long as a person is willing to feel their body.

Then the work is to run towards what you most fear and resist.  Unknowingly, most people construct their entire lives to avoid what they most fear. I use Paradox Cure over a course of 20 hours to facilitate a person to experientially learn to accept that which they have resisted most of their life — this work transforms YOU forever.

League of O.M.

We are a gathering of individuals (League) that support each other to uncover and live our unique destinies in community. As we fulfill our Destinies, we network our communities into a global power to positively accelerate Humanity’s Destiny.

A highly effective way to make your life, your communities and world better is to contribute in community.  What is even more effective is to CONTRIBUTE IN A COMMUNITY that cultivates a New Model of Community (Fellowship of Humanity) that  supports living Destiny — League of O.M. is such a community.

League of O.M. supports you to uncover and live your Destiny.  When you live your Destiny, EVERYTHING CHANGES! You become superhuman, a powerful agent of change for everyone around you, and ultimately you help humanity to fulfill its Destiny, making our world better!